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Enjoying Summer in an Amazing Fairy Tale – Lublin

Lublin is located in eastern Poland. Its anniversary — running into its 700th year — is a major celebration in the city. This summer festival is a unique socio-cultural event that will involve buskers, musicians, magicians, and various other artists. These festivals include the Night of Culture, East of Culture –  Different Sounds, Carnaval Sztukmistrzów and the Jagiellonian Fair. Tourists and locals enjoy these festivals until morning hours. Lublin certainly can be the best place for enjoying your summer.


Enjoy the Night of Culture and try to get along with the local people. You will learn more about their culture.

In Lublin, you will see high lines which are hung in the middle of a historical quarter of the town. People can cross the line and see the busy street from above. Would you dare to try?

Lubin at 3 a.m., and the street is still crowded.

This is one of the reasons why people are having fun until morning: Music.

Music is always able to entertain a lot of people.

Many musicians from various genres are involved in this event.

Not only musicians but dancers and other street artists will also show their skills to you.

Even the visitors can show off their dancing skills. The regional music will make you dance.

During this celebration, cultural places such as museums will stay open for everyone until morning. It is amazing, isn’t it?

The good thing is that this celebration will not only focus on the city center but also spreads to the districts (Czuby, Czechów, Bronowice, Kalinowszczyzna).

As this is a major cultural event, it is the best time to learn about the Polish tradition. How about learning this traditional game?

Or maybe it would be a good idea to learn a unique and interesting regional instrument.

Don’t forget to buy some handicrafts while exploring Lublin.

If you get an opportunity to make your own handicraft, don’t waste it!


All of these spectacular events shouldn’t be missed. So, prepare yourself to spend summertime this year in Lublin.
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