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These Important Tips Will Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling

Travel can be a powerful way to escape from the everyday routine of your life. Moreover, if you’ve been bitten by a travel bug, you will travel as often as possible and have a desire to travel like crazy. While traveling, you often encounter situations which make you feel stressed, shattered, or rough, or you might  have damaged and sensitive skin, bumps, and bruises. So, keeping your body and soul healthy while traveling is a must! Don’t let those unpleasant condition ruin your wonderful trip! The brief advice below from some expert backpackers might help you stay healthy while traveling. Here we go.

1. Embrace the art of travel yoga

photo by @thetravellinglight

Yoga is a spiritual, mental, and physical practice which has been around for centuries. After experiencing a long journey and an exhausting walk across the town, yoga helps your body relax, relieves stress, improves your mood, helps you sleep better, and might be a chance to socialize with other travelers. Yoga is  able to boost oxygen levels to the brain as well, leaving you feeling happier, refreshed, and with boosted energy for strolling around the town the next day!

2. Hiking is the best travel workout

Hiking is one of the most interesting forms of alternative traveling. It can be a good idea to hike a mountain or a hill in your traveling destination. Hiking has myriad benefits for both the body and the mind. Furthermore, you will experience breath-taking views from up on the hill. Being out in nature allows us to connect with ourselves and nature in a way that brings about peace and a sense of well-being.

3. Indulge in a natural mud bath

photo by @PatchinPixels

Give a natural mud a try to boost your pores! You can choose natural salt spa from the Dead Sea or swim in a Columbian mud volcano. Soaking in mud and its minerals can help alleviate aches and muscle pains — good for your body, right?

4. Be open to spiritual travel

photo by @nutagws

Trying spiritual travel is more than an ordinary trip. There are many paths to finding yourself and exploring a new perspective on how you see your whole life — spiritual travel might be one of the best paths. The physical health of your body is obviously essential, so is your spiritual health. Enjoying contemplating your presence in this world while traveling seems so interesting, doesn’t it?

5. Time for a digital detox?

stay healthy during traveling

Sometimes, a digital detox is needed in our life, at least once in a while. Simply hit the pause button to your ‘online’ life and enjoy your ‘offline’ life. This temporary period of time gives us a chance to focus on social interaction and be fully present in real life. Less-developed countries should be one of your bucket list traveling destinations. Feel that new ambiance around the  happiest people without (or at least with fewer) digital thingies. Let’s rediscover your social skills!

6. You’ve GOTTA get enough sleep

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Lack of sleep isn’t good for your health. Try to find comfy hostels to ensure your body takes a good rest. Moreover, lack of sleep means dark circles under your eyes and eye-puffiness. Not your best look on a trip!

7. Indulge a little

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The simple pleasures in life can keep you in balance after a hard day’s adventuring. Treating your spirit can boost your mood. Food or atmosphere, activity or leisure, whatever floats your boat is just as important as planning for a healthy lifestyle, especially while traveling. Go ahead, live a little!

8. Learn how to eat healthy while traveling

Traveling is supposed to be about having fun and enjoying yourself. Naturally, you should sample the local cuisine with their own unique specialties, but don’t overdo it. Balance out your indulgences with healthy choices! Keep on track and get proper nutrition. Obviously, you want to feel great so you have the energy to go out and explore. It can be as simple as choosing healthy snacks or meal instead of the luxury dish. These are sure to satisfy your hunger!

9. Routine. Routine. Routine

Traveling can be fun but also can defeat your daily routine. Spontaneity is a must while traveling. But you still need to keep up with some sort of routine to regulate your body and mind. Try to plan ahead in general. You will found that keeping your daily life organized while traveling will help you relieve stress and ready to explore more!

10. Stay Hydrated

stay healthy during traveling
photo by @nutagws

Dehydration is often a cause of travel fatigue. Imagine how much water you lose from your body while strolling around the town outside in the sun for hours! Make sure to drink plenty of water. If you’re on the road, bring some bottles of water to make sure your body gets enough hydration. Try to avoid caffeine and sugar while you try to  keep your body hydrated. They actually cause you to lose more water than you gain.

11. Always drink responsibly

One of the backpackers all-time favorite while traveling is having a good party right? But, remember it’s never a good idea to drink past your limit because your judgment is impaired. Besides, someone may see and take advantage of you. You have to let your liver breathe a little.

12. Pace yourself

photo by @thetravellinglight

Don’t pass your trip in a rush. Be active and roam the street but don’t overdo. Trying to see the entire city in a day will leave your trip stressed and your body exhausted. Slow down, take a little break, chill out a little!

13. Work out while traveling

When it comes to keeping your body fit, a consistent workout is a key, especially if you’re not off climbing mountains and exploring the town on foot.. There are so many benefits to breaking a sweat that it is worth setting aside some time to train while traveling, including more energy and improved mood.

14. Walk as much as you can

Walking while traveling is the most doable thing for backpackers. Moreover, walking around the city will get you past just sightseeing into something more like experiencing the place you’re in. Walking also helps to keep your metabolism moving and your mind in a state of Zen.

15. Learn to love yourself

photo by @guidocarol

Loving yourself is different from excessive indulgence. It is part of keeping your spirit and your mood good through the trip. Along with your trip, you will have plentiful opportunities to develop a healthy love of who you are as a person. This tip is good for your soul!

16. Open your mind and heart

photo by @pattylaure

Traveling helps your physical and mental health;  many travelers say it is also excellent for the soul. This one soul-healing method includes being an open-minded and open-hearted person. When you immerse yourself  in a new culture, you get to experience on how other people live. Besides developing new social beliefs, it is also about learning from other types of lifestyle.

17. Don’t forget your fibre

Sometimes, when you’re on a trip, it is easy to fall into bad habits that can lead to digestive system problems. It can simply be annoying or extremely uncomfortable. Avoid them with high fiber nutritious foods.

18. Keep reading and learning

Keep reading and learning; it can make your mind healthy and sharp. Obviously, it will help you navigate through life’s challenges. Taking care of your body is a must, same for your mind!

19. Kill those germs

Keeping every part of your body clean is essential. You will feel so much healthier by keeping clean. Don’t be lazy! Wash your hands, take baths, wash your clothes, and also use hand sanitizer before eating. Protect your body from everything that has a chance to disrupt your trip.

20. Fresh air is the best air

photo by @sharoneve

Getting fresh air is good for your health. Take time to step outside if you find yourself cooped up with tons of other people or clamoring atmosphere in your popular destination cities. You can take a little time to walk in some secret garden or just frolicking there and leaving your lungs to get clean with fresh air.

21. Alone time can be incredible

photo by @guidocarol

Even for the biggest extroverts, some alone time is calming for your soul. Try to go at your own pace, take some ‘me’ time. Go somewhere by yourself! Do not feeling guilty doing  it even if you are traveling with your buddies, because you need it.

22. Pack lighter than you think you need to

photo by @guidocarol

You don’t have to bring most of those things you think you will need, take only the essentials. Good travel is being simple and practical. Lessening your luggage means less muscle, back, and shoulder cramp risk. Less is more!

23. Write

You can write anything you want —y our adventure experience, your feelings, your hardships — in any method you like, such as writing a notes, blog, or a letter. Through writing, your deepest selves can emerge to the surface. It helps you to pour your thoughts or ideas out.

24. Learn some basic meditation techniques

Stress can disrupt the mental and emotional side of people. Furthermore, it disturbs your physical condition as well. When it comes to calming down your mind and soul to avoid stress, meditation is one of the best ways. Meditation helps you bring inner peace to your mind.

25. Secure your relationships back home

No traveler wants their happiness drained by feeling insecure about their relationships back at home. Don’t let those who don’t understand your reason to travel ruin your trip. Mental health is important.

26. Study basic first aid

Basic first aid knowledge is simple yet so important. A travel first aid kit should be carried with you and ready for any potential problem. Being able to be calm and as quick as possible when an unfortunate situation arises canmean the difference between life and death. So, be prepared!

27. Safety first

Safety is one of biggest concerns while traveling. You should know the areas which are safe or dangerous for tourists. Before you embark, be informed about your destination and prepare accordingly. Be considerate to the environment and stay safe!

28. Listen to other travelers

The best thing about staying in hostels — besides obviously the cheap price — is meeting with other travelers. When you talk to random strangers, you will find great advice and tips on every single thing about traveling from their perspective and experiences. They’ll share their stories and tips which help you through your trip. Listen to them!

29. Embrace the light

photo by @pattylaure

Some of the best perks of being backpackers are the endless opportunities to spend more time outdoors. By exposing yourself to sunlight, you can fulfill your skin needs of vitamin D, rejuvenate your soul, and modulate your immune system as well. Revel in the sun’s light and embrace its warmth!

30. Coconut oil is your friend

While traveling, your skin might experience terrible conditions. Coconut oil can helps those problems! This highly nutritious oil turns out to be your skin life saver because of its benefits of  nourishing, hydrating, and repairing the skin.

31. Steam

photo by @lovelyforliving

Clogged pores, dullness, and dry skin. Those sort of skin problem might happen while traveling. Steam helps removes gunk and cleanses your body through sweat. Steam is also good to soothe mind, relieve stress, and relax muscles. Such a wholesome treatment!

32. Be creative

photo by @guidocarol

Creativity is a language of your feelings, emotion, passion, and ideas released to an activity. Our creative side is unleashed when we explore the world. Sometimes, it can be an expression of both happiness and emotional pressure that builds up over time. There are so many ways to express your creativity while traveling, such as art, music, photography, writing, and so on.

33. Learn to sleep whenever/wherever you can

Crowded buses, tightly scheduled trip, delayed flights, or maybe snoring dorm mates can happen on our trip. No matter what happens or what situation we encounter, we have to catch some shut eye to bring back our energy. It is important to maintain a regular healthy sleep schedule no matter the location. Love your body!

34. Go vegan

Vegan food is really easy to find in many countries. Being a vegetarian helps you resist the temptation to overeat or eat badly. You should experience traveling around vegan-friendly destination to make your journey healthier than before. Try to consider it!

35. Invest in travel insurance

When it comes to planning your trip, purchasing travel insurance is a vital thing to do. As you travel around the country, you never know what to expect. In some cases, an accident may happen, a natural disaster may occur, luggage may be lost, or you may be immediately hospitalized because of certain diseases. This is where travel insurance comes in to save the day. We hope that that never happens to us, but it is better to be safe than sorry, right?

36. Protect your skin

photo by Thaís Machado

The sun gives off the UV lights which cause damage to your skin. A good tan is incredible, but there is a dangerous threat like skin cancer behind it. You will able to protect your skin through sun protection lotion or sun block. Make sure to protect your skin against the UV light!

37. Wrap it up

Shout out to all ladies and gentlemen! It has been an open secret what will happen if young, energetic, passionate, attractive travelers meet each other in a good party. You know what I mean, right? Stay safe, use protection!

38. See a doctor first

A medical check-up is very necessary to make sure whether our body is ready to take an adventure or not. It also important to inform you what medications you need to take to prevent disease. Preventative healthcare is a must!

39. Take your vitamins

Traveling can be a tiring activity and may drain your energy. Getting nutrients is absolutely crucial to your body to maintain cellular efficiency and also keep your immune system working well. So, let’s take a proper supplement!


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