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Spice Up Your Vacation With These Luxurious Adventure Destinations

Do you have a taste for both luxury and adventure? Are you getting tired of the usual beach getaways and organized tours? Do you want to get some adrenaline pumping?

Well, it’s time to spice up your next vacation. There are a lot of destinations around the world that are both posh and filled with adventure. Here are some of them.

5. Dar Ahlam Boutique Hotel in Morocco


How about some Arabian nights and Arabian days? At the Dar Ahlam Boutique Hotel in Morocco, you can explore the Sahara Desert in style. You may opt to venture into the world’s largest hot desert on a camel, or spend a romantic night under the stars with your partner. The accommodations here are elegant, designed in the traditional Middle Eastern style, but still exuding a unique Mediterranean vibe.

4. Cathedral Mountain Lodge in Canada

Surprise, I'm in BC. @hellobc @kootenayrockies

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Log cabins are often perceived as something rustic and ordinary, but this destination right at the heart of the Canadian Rockies was able to make these accommodations elegant and stylish. Go here if you want a total mountain escapade: the log cabins do not have televisions or telephones to make sure that you will be able to unplug from the rest of the world during your stay. There are just so many activities you can do here, including horse back riding, river rafting, canoeing on Moraine Lake and riding a gondola over the picturesque Lake Louise.

3. Charming Luxury Lodge and Private Spa in Patagonia


This breathtaking lodge on Nahuel Huapi Lake in Bariloche is the perfect place for both recreation and relaxation. The atmosphere here is peaceful, surrounded by pine trees and a view of the serene lake. The place offers a lot of outdoor activities to make you feel one with nature, such as fishing, hiking and trekking. You can relax your entire body inside the lodge’s luxury suites, which are all equipped with spas.

2. Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa

Tucked among the trees with a private view of the Sabie River, we bring you The Tinyeleti Treehouse. #LionSands #Treehouse #tinyeletitreehouse

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Imagine yourself spending days and nights in the safari, in the midst of lions, leopards, buffalo and elephants. This dream can come true if you go to the Lion Sands Game Reserve, located in the Mpumalanga province in South Africa. They have excellent guided tours in the safari, which can be tailored for couples, families, or just plain travelers seeking adventure. When you get tired after a day of spotting animals in the wild, you can stay in the reserve’s beautiful villas, and enjoy the sumptuous and fresh meals they offer.

1. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland

This is the best what you can get when staying at glass igloo, view of the Northern Lights just from your bed! Photo: @valtterihirvonen

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Do you want to fall asleep to the sight of the Northern Lights, perhaps the most spectacular natural show on Earth? This is the resort in Finland where you should spend your holidays in. This place is known for their posh glass igloos, which enable the guests to watch the Northern Lights right from the comfort of their own beds. Aside from this, you can also do several other activities in the resort, especially during winter time, like skiing, snow-boarding and ice-fishing.

Your vacation need not be ordinary and expected. There are several other unusual destinations you can explore to put some adventure in your next holidays.

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