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Living in the Coldest Place on Earth

A New Zealand photographer, Amos Chapple, visited the coldest inhabited village on Earth, Oymyakon in Russia. The lowest recorded temperature was  −96 °F (−71.2 °C) in 1924.  In January, the average temperature was -50°C (-60°F). No wonder it is referred as the coldest place on earth. Chapple captured amazing photographs and showed us what life like ...
Saint Basil’s Cathedral
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Russia – Top Attractions Of The Largest Country In The World

Russia is the largest country in the world. It spans from Eastern Europe to Northern Asia, covering over 12% of the inhabited area on the planet! For tourists, Russia is undoubtedly a land of contradictions. From the opulence of imperial palaces to the modest Communist monuments, and from the harsh Siberian snow to sparkling Black Sea ...
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Ussuri Bay: A Stunning Glass Beach in Russia

Russia has a unique beach, different from allother beaches. This beach doesn't have white sand or black sand, but instead has glass. The beach is full of glass, which looks like colorful "pebbles." But how could it be? This beach was once a Soviet-era dumping ground for old glass from vodka, wine, and beer bottles. The ...
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Turkmenistan – Land Of Many Wonders

Literally translating to ‘green hill’, it was used in the country’s last battle against the Russians. At the time of the war, the fortress housed as many as 50,000 people. The last day of the battle, January 12th, is a national holiday in Turkmenistan.   Kugitang Nature Reserve . Want to see footprints left by dinosaurs? ...
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Top 12 Tourist Attractions of Bratislava

It commemorates Bratislava’s liberation by the Russian Red Army in April 1945. It is located on a hilltop north of the Bratislava Castle. Standing nearly 50 meters high, the war memorial is also the cemetery to 6845 Russian soldiers who died in the final weeks of World War II while fighting to free Bratislava and its ...
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Finland – Top 12 Family Attractions

Petersburg in Russia. The design was intentional because Helsinki was rebuilt by the Tsars as a miniature St Petersburg. Such is the resemblance that the Finnish capital was often depicted in Cold War movies as St. Petersburg! Helsinki is dotted with many attractions, mostly museums, public parks, and churches, most noteworthy being the National Museum of ...
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How to Meet People While Traveling Solo

You can choose to join the surf lessons, Russian dumpling classes, Thai cooking classes, or more amazing activities. Let's have fun and share experiences with your new friends! . photo by 7. Consider A Group Tour . Become a solo traveler doesn't mean that you'll always travel alone by yourself. Try to join a ...
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These 16 Rare European Destinations are Absolutely Amazing

In addition, Berat has an old town called Mangalem District which is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. Kizhi Island – Russia . Located on the Onega River in Russia, the Kizhi Island hosts a myriad of log buildings that are a joy to photograph. Most noteworthy is the glorious European historical church of ...