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The Royal Ride: 10 of the Most Lavish Cruise ships in the World

Nothing quite compares to a cruise in a luxury ship as you explore the magnificence of nature. Oh, well maybe except the even cooler experiences and top notch services inside the wow-factor ocean liners.

From the sea splendors in Nile river such as the Nour El Nil’s Meroë to majestic creations in the Mediterranean like Le Ponant, we reveal to you 10 of the very best luxury cruise ships around the planet.

You must be forewarned however that these ocean goers are luxury rides and their prices reflect it. Nevertheless, a ride in one of the cream-of-the-crop cruises listed here is a ride into paradise and beyond – and one that is most definitely worth your while.

Let’s get straight into it:

  1. Crystal Esprit – Seychelles Islands

First-class welcome champagne, stocked bar, Egyptian linen, unparalleled concierge services and a load more features highlight your stay on Crystal Esprit. Moreover, the first ship in the Crystal Cruises line also comes with unmatched entertainment for guests, including free Wi-Fi.

Get yourself completely spoiled as you sail to pure fantasy destinations this year including the historic Athens and Venice. 62-passenger Crystal Esprit gets your attention  as you wade past adorable turtles and gasp at  the magical palms in the Indian Ocean Islands.

  1. Aria Amazon Cruise Ship – the Amazon River

How about a cruise around the terrifying Amazon itself in Peruvian-designed classic artwork?! While at it, you get to rest comfortably in spacious suites with generous dining areas and an all-new decor. Warm yourself in Amazon-River-facing Jacuzzi fitted in all the 1623-square meter state-of-the-art suites. Additionally, Aria Amazon has the capability of interconnecting four suites for a big family.

To top it off, the majestic vessel offers a 14-day thrill-ride that blends expedition, exploration and discovery tours all in the same cruise. You also get to visit the indigenous villages and get to fish and dine on the local cuisines.

  1. Meroe by Nour El Nil – Nile River

With 2 panoramic and 8 luxury rooms, Meroe is an opulent Dahabiya that serves your luxuries the most perfect way possible.

Furnished with floor to ceiling  window draperies in its beautifully spacious cabins, Meroe is also the ideal cruise for a private dahabiya trip. It on the other hand has space for everyone in the top deck which is gorgeously furnished with Egyptian-style linen. Stay aside the glass-window and get an unmatched view of the Palms, Ibis and the striking Khnum Temple at Esna.

  1. Scenic Spirit Cruise – the Mekong River

Connecting the beautiful past to the inspirational innovative future, the Scenic Spirit Cruise orients you to the ultimate world of in-sail luxury.

With front-line technology and the best suite services around, Scenic Spirit is an all-inclusive vessel that beautifully blends sleekness with amazing service.

From a top-notch swimming pool, mouthwatering dinner dishes, stocked bar to an open cinema, this vessel offers unequaled facilities. No wonder some call it the ‘5-star Floating hotel’. Worth special mention is the exquisite royal panoramic suite up on the diamond deck.

All these as you sight-see the amazing culture such as locals fishing in conical hats along the Mekong River banks. Sunset views are furthermore a sight to behold. On land during your cruise you visit the historical monastery at Oudong where you receive a monk’s blessing.

  1. Island Windjammer – The Caribbean Sea

With only 26 elite passengers on board, the luxury brand is graceful, romantic, fun and sexy. The crew of the authentic piece of art are mainly from the island. This means a complete adventure though the island terrain and its vibrant villages.

You get to whirl around the deck and view the outstanding Caribbean Sea horizon. Better still, go up to the deck at night and you get to fall in love with the enchanting moon and stars as you dance, talk and laugh with fellow voyagers.

  1. Paul Gauguin – French Polynesia Islands

From the award winning luxury small-ship cruise line of Paul Gauguin comes this latest prestigious cruiser. Explore the wild of the Tahitian coastline and authentic Polynesian culture while inside the artful cruise voyager.

Other exciting add-ins in your itinerary include luxurious spa treatments with monoi oils as well as performances from local singers.

  1. Viking Sky – The Baltic Sea

Viking Cruises’ Viking Sky comes as a masterful sea vessel with unique components including a snow room. You also get to enjoy a Scandinavian-flair spa in steamy sauna while on board.

These after an enchanting day tour of Stockholm where you get in the center of the Royal Swedish Opera.

Furthermore, the state-of-the-art 930-passenger ships are fashioned coolly with the elegant Scandinavian design to augment your interaction with nature.

  1. Le Ponant – The Mediterranean Sea

Meet fascinating new friends aboard the masterclass summer ride though the Mediterranean up to Celtic mythical lands. Le Ponant takes you across captivating landscapes and historic cities of Europe while you relish the incomparable facilities on board.

Better still, you find on board the very best service levels that make you feel like you are cruising in your own private yacht. The attentive and highly experienced staff will attend to your every need in a customized and specific fashion.

  1. Aranui 5 – The Marquesas Islands

Cruise past the Southern Pacific peninsula as you are attended to by friendly local crew. Additionally, Aranui 5 offers a 14-day tour through the exotic Polynesian Islands as you enjoy outstanding dinner and lounge experience.

At sundown, you get in the middle of the infinite sunset vibe with Polynesian rhythms making your heart pound and your hips sway.

  1. Queen Mary 2 – Trans-Atlantic

A flagship of The Cunard Cruise Line, Queen Mary 2 is just as royally British as it sounds. Remastered on the interior and exterior, Queen Mary 2 has been reborn with keen focus on specifics including upholstery.

On board you get in the center of magnificently spacious dining and living spaces alongside unmatched bars and hotels. All these screaming ‘British’ to the finest décor on-board.

Get inside the awe-striking royal cruise ship and feel everything amazing about the British culture.



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