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Retire at one of these top 10 places in the world in 2018

Want to plan where to retire in 2017?

Well, International Living (IL) recently released its list of the best 10 places in the world to retire in 2018. According to IL’s Annual Global Retirement Index, there is a new number one in the most accommodating countries in the world for retirement.

As is common knowledge now, the Americas dominate the best retirement destinations’ listing and this won’t be changing in 2018.

Needless to mention, the urge to retire abroad has been growing in popularity among most Americans. The expats are looking for friendly and comforting destinations abroad to settle after their long working years are behind.

Latin American Countries like Panama and Ecuador continue their wave of dominance this year. There is also a new addition to the list in Malta, coming in at 10th and dislodging previously 7th ranked Thailand off the top 10.

Moreover, the top 6 names in IL’s ranking are nearby one another, all being from Latin America.

The measurement algorithms used by IL in the ranking include the cost of living, climate, visa regulations, friendliness and lifestyle.

Let’s now get to it and see who ranks where in the 10 best.

  1. Malta

Rounding off the Top 10 Places to retire is the small yet historic European nation. The extraordinarily beautiful nation is a chain of islands off Sicily.

With a highly welcoming English-speaking community, Malta offers you a mild winter, peaceful atmosphere and an excellent healthcare system.

Malta has a relatively high cost of living but this is more than worth it for the deluxe living near the beaches. Furthermore you can enjoy affordable round-trips to France for a meager $175. You also get to tour some of Europe’s magnificent last standing medieval structures.

  1. Portugal

With a classic Mediterranean lifestyle, Portugal is a favorite destination to retire thanks largely to its low cost of living and mild climate. Better still, the country has comfortable Atlantic beaches and most locals speak English.

IL editors reveal the most populated region with international retirees as Lisbon. This is however followed closely by Porto largely thanks to its cool weather.

The Algarve region is notably well stocked with golf courses and beaches and is preferred by British expats.

  1. Nicaragua

Low living cost, great healthcare and easier and better lifestyle for retirees are some of the most notable highlights in Nicaragua.

IL Editors note the ever-changing Nicaragua and observe that “everywhere you look, there is progress”

Shopping in Nicaragua feels so much like home for the retired. In stores like Walmart and Pricesmart, you get to buy everything from washing machines and flat-screen TVs.

  1. Spain

Featuring a relaxed lifestyle and plenty of beaches, Spain is the highest-placed European country in the list. It is only one of the 3 European countries in the leading 10 places to retire.

The low cost of living in Spain as compared to other top European countries also contributes to its attraction. You get to rent an apartment for as low as $500 a month, according to IL estimates. Spain’s cosmopolitan cities of Barcelona and Madrid are, in addition, much less expensive than Paris and London.

  1. Malaysia

The only Asian country in the auspicious list, Malaysia is the definition of multicultural. Homing a blend of Malay, Indians, Chinese, Europeans and Americans, the stunning nation hosts rich array of activities and sights. Better still, you get to enjoy a range of mouthwatering cuisines from all over the globe.

The welcoming country is also home to stunning idyllic islands, amazing beaches and intact rainforests.

Also worth noting is probably the most exciting shopping experiences in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. The shopping and living cost in general are rather low cost, just the way you like it.

  1. Columbia

Kissing the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, Columbia has built a commendable reputation as a welcoming destination for global citizens planning to retire. Either relaxing at the peaceful beaches or hiking at amazing slopes of the Andes Mountains, the Latin American country offers a range of exciting pastimes.

With  excellent healthcare and a diverse climate, Columbia has held the attention of the expat community. Moreover, the living cost is accommodating and you could find places to rent for as little as $ 500.

  1. Costa Rica

Home to retired citizens of the world for 30 years now, Costa Rica is safe, stable and laid back as it comes. Further, the guests get to enjoy some of the best healthcare and hospitality available.

The cost of living is extremely low as you can rent fully-furnished condos for as little as $400. Also you get to live healthy and feast on farm-fresh produce readily available from local farmers.

Enjoy incomparable beach life and breathtaking sea views as you trek along the seashores every sunset. Simply awe-inspiring.

  1. Ecuador

Ecuador has been in the top 10 of the best places to retire for years now. It has built up this reputation as the very best over several years.

When you decide to retire in the comfort of Ecuador, you will experience affordable healthcare, excellent weather and reasonable mortgage services.

Almost all of the retiree benefits available in your home country are available here as well. It is as such really easy to fit in the country when you arrive.

  1. Panama – Retire a VIP

Previously first on the list, Panama is an extremely comfortable destination for the retired. The Central American country offers unbelievable hospitality to her guests. The locals always treat you as a VIP and grant a familiar environment where you go through your adventures always feeling at home.

Especially wonderful is the warm sunny tropical climate that will keep you comfortable all through your stay.

Panama is tremendously convenient for Americans planning life after they retire.

  1. Mexico

Currently hosting over 1 million Americans, Mexico offers high living standards at relatively cheap rates.

Moreover, the locals are immensely friendly and with amazing culture and lifestyle. You get to live a fun-filled social life at amazing costs.

Retirees aged over 60 can furthermore enjoy such privileges as special discounts at restaurants, groceries, medical care and airports. In addition, the healthcare is not only affordable but also of very high quality.

It is no coincidence therefore that Mexico dislodged Panama from the number 1 spot.

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