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Zalipie – Beautiful Village Full of Flower Paintings

It is a small Polish village located in the southeast of Poland, and it's covered in flower paintings. It's started when somebody painted a flower on their ceiling in the 1800s. The stove and bad ventilation caused a soot mark. They tried to cover it up with flower painting. Then it continued as a tradition. Today, ...
Interesting Poland

Enjoying Summer in an Amazing Fairy Tale – Lublin

Lublin is located in eastern Poland. Its anniversary — running into its 700th year — is a major celebration in the city. This summer festival is a unique socio-cultural event that will involve buskers, musicians, magicians, and various other artists. These festivals include the Night of Culture, East of Culture -  Different Sounds, Carnaval Sztukmistrzów and the ...
Tatra Mountains

Top 10 Summer Hiking Trails In The World

The Pumlumon is the highest point in the Ceredigion area.   Tatra Mountains, Poland and Slovakia . Tatra Mountains. Located at the border of Slovakia and Poland, the Tatra Mountains are one of the most popular destinations for hikers in central Europe. Most hikers love to come here during summer. The mountains offer a beautiful panoramic ...
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One Sentence That Can Annoy Europeans

Let's check it out. Austria: Are you Germans? Bosnia and Herzegovina: Muslim Serbs Bulgaria: Still use the Russian alphabet? Croatia: Catholic Serbs Czech Republic: Are you eastern Europeans? England: Los Malvinas son Argentinas Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania: Baltics? You’re Russian Right? France: American wines are better Hungary: Are you hungry hahaha Germany: This video is not ...
Edinburgh Castle
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Top 10 Biggest Castles in the World

It is made of red sandstone and is considered to be one of the best-preserved forts in India.   Malbork Castle, Malbork, Poland . Malbork Castle. Malbork Castle is the biggest castle in the world. It was built in the 13th century by Teutonic Knights (Roman Catholic religious order of crusaders of German origin). They used ...
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Photos of Feminine Beauty from Around the Globe

Anai From Poland. Women have the bigger hearts of the two sexes. Their will to move on is absolutely unmatched. Plus their dreams and aspirations . Warm-faced Guatemala Magnificence. And the silent intensity of their quiet beauty . Moldovan Splendor. Beauty all around us; in a smile, in a warm stare, in a story or simply ...