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Philippines – Top Attractions For A Family Vacation

The Philippines is a group of more than 7000 islands in South East Asia. It gets more than 5 million tourists each year. From an ancient city to an active volcano and from pristine beaches to colonial towns, Philippines has it all. Let us take a look at some of the top attractions that Philippines has to offer.


  1. San Agustin Church

It might be odd to visit a church while you are looking for beaches and sunrise, but the San Agustin Church is truly a must-visit attraction. Founded in the year 1589, the church is famous for surviving two deadly fires and 7 earthquakes! Entirely built of stone, the church is one of the few remaining stone churches in the world. Even before you enter the church, the carvings at the entrance will catch your eye. The doors are made of wood and the interiors are influenced by Mexican architecture. The ceiling of the church is another thing of beauty. It was painted entirely by artists Cesare Alberoni and Giovanni Dibella in the 19th century.


  1. Mayon Volcano

Named as one of the most photogenic volcanoes in the world, the Mayon Volcano might just make you forget that it is indeed an active volcano. Known for its almost perfect cone shape, the volcano attracts thousands of visitors every year. In the past 400 years, the volcano has erupted as many as 49 times. But these statistics hardly come to mind when this impressive structure is right there in front of you. One of the many deadly eruptions of Mayon occurred in the year 1814, when it destroyed a nearby church. The remains of that church can be still seen. Along with admiring its beauty, you can also engage in some climbing, camping and hiking. It is also a great place for watching birds and for photography.


  1. Puerto Galera

The Puerto Galera is best known for its diving spots and its gorgeous beaches. It is also a good place for spotting some exotic marine life. Two of the most popular beaches in this small town are the Sabang Beach and the White Beach. Along with the beaches and the marine life, the small town is also home to various old shipwrecks and beautiful coral reefs. In addition, there are plenty of options for shopping and dining.


  1. Puerto Princesa

The town of Puerto Princesa is home to a river which is entirely underground. Not only is this a very rare phenomenon, it is also one of the most beautiful attractions of Philippines. Along with the river, Puerto Princesa is also home to a national park which is rich in wildlife. Guided boat tours are available for exploring the Puerto Princesa river. It can definitely be described as a place for nature lovers.


  1. Banaue Rice Terraces

A trip to the Philippines is not over until you have visited the world renowned Rice Terraces. Built by early inhabitants of the islands, these were created for farming vegetables and rice. What is most surprising is that almost no modern tools were used for carving these terraces out of mountains. If you look at them from a distance, they look like giant steps leading up to the sky.


  1. Vigan

Although the whole of Philippines consists of many Spanish styled houses, the city of Vigan is entirely Spanish. Whether it is the houses or the landscape, everything in Vigan is very Spanish. It is almost as if you are transported to the Spanish colonial times when strolling through the streets of Vigan. The famous Crisologo Street seems to be stuck in the 17th century and is an experience worth having.


  1. Chocolate Hills

Although the name says chocolate, the hills are rather green in color! The Chocolate Hills are one of the biggest attractions of the Philippines and are also one of the most fascinating. There are as many as 1268 of these hills scattered throughout the Bohol Island. The heights of these hills vary from 100 to 164 feet and they are all covered in lush greenery. The Chocolate Hills got its name due to the fact that the greenery turns brown in winter.


  1. Rizal Park

Manila, the capital of Philippines, is home to many educational as well as historical tourist attractions. One of the most noteworthy and popular attractions of this city is the Rizal Park. Located near Intramuros, this urban park is one of the largest in Asia. It is named after and dedicated to Filipino national hero, Jose Rizal. The park is very beautifully landscaped and surrounded by several attractions like the museum and national library.


  1. Intramuros

Intramuros is the oldest part of the Philippines. From its foundation in the year 1571 till 1898, Intramuros was actually synonymous to the capital, Manila. A visit to Intramuros is all about getting lost in history. The Philippines Revolution and various wars have left their mark inside the city. Like with any other walled city, Intramuros is also a completely planned one.  Along with the San Agustin Church, the walled city is home to many forts, palaces and museums. Popular attractions include the Manila Cathedral and Fort Santiago. Tourists pour in every year and there is no dearth of accommodation options in the city.


  1. Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park

Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park is a favorite attraction with scuba divers. Considered as one of the best diving sites in the world, it is home to colorful tropical marine life like lionfish, sea turtles, coral reefs, sharks, clownfish, and manta rays. The park is also home to hawksbill sea turtles, which are an endangered species. Along with scuba divers, bird watchers also frequent the park for watching hundreds of bird species.


  1. Boracay Island

Boracay Island is the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines. It has been honored numerous times for its breathtaking resorts and for its clean beaches. The island is a great place for partaking in water sports like parasailing, snorkeling and scuba diving. In addition, it also offers cliff diving, motor biking, kite surfing and horse riding. If you aren’t interested in any of those, then you can simply opt for boat tours and explore the lagoons and the caves.

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