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10 Great Destinations in Peru

The ruins of the Inca Empire that was founded in Peru make it well-known as the “Land of the Incas”. But Peru is not only famous for its rich history but also for its nature, from mountain to beach. Even the Amazon, the world’s biggest river, can be found there. Here are the 10 great destinations in ...
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Top 10 Spiciest Dishes in the World

We wish you good luck!   Papa a la Huancaína, Peru . Papa a la Huancaína. Potato, milk, yogurt, white cheese, all innocuous ingredients – how can they make a dish burning hot?  Aji Amarillo (yellow Peruvian pepper) is thrown in between to up the spice quotient. Papa a la Huancaína is a Peruvian appetizer that ...
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Top Rated Cheap Eateries in Chicago

Peruvian restaurants are not common in Chicago and this family-run store is certainly one of those few serving the finest Peruvian dishes. The purple and lavender interior might give you an Easter-like feel but the menu is nowhere near chocolaty, sugary stuff. The choice you get here is quite wide but the main attraction is its ...
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10 Must-Visit Countries For Food Lovers

Miami will welcome you to taste a bit of Cuba with its Caribbean and Peruvian food platters. A treasure trove of delicacies, the USA will leave any foodie craving more!   Spain . Paella. Wild landscape, delightful food and a fine taste for everything best in life. That’s how Spain presents itself to the world — ...
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7 Best Adventures That Must Make Your Bucket List

The best time to register for your escapades is between September and November. Sand-boarding in South Lima – Peru, South America . Sand-boarding is very quickly gaining popularity in Peru among venturesome enthusiasts. This sport involves ridding a board down a vast sand mound. While trekking in Machu Picchu was originally the attraction for explorers in Peru, ...
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Chile – Top 12 Must-See Tourist Attractions

The 2 towns have over 200 abandoned saltpeter works that were once part of a booming economy attracting workers from Chile, Peru, and Bolivia. Today, these are nothing but ghost towns with the ruins of the saltpeter works that have become tourist attractions. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its social impact ...
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Top Adventure Vacations Of South America

You might also get to see baby whales!   Trek the Ausangate Hiking Trail, Peru . Ausangate Hiking Trail. The Ausangate Hiking Trail isn’t as famous as the Machu Picchu trails. However, it is no less in adventure than those famed trails. Hike at the Ausangate Hiking Trail if you want to be far away from ...