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Middle East Oman

Oman – Top Attractions For A Great Vacation

Oman doesn’t easily cross the mind when one thinks of traveling. However, it can be quite the destination with its many wonders. Oman is a country which consists of fishing villages as well as big metropolises. It is also home to grand mosques and dilapidated forts. In the center of Oman lie rugged mountains, sand dunes, ...
Middle East Oman

Untouched Oman: 10 Reasons to Visit the Ascending Sultanate

Infused with attractive stretches of long coastlines and endless deserts with beautiful riverbed oases, Oman is a serious up-and-coming destination for luxury travelers. The history-rich country is intertwined between Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and the Persian Gulf. It is well placed for your excursions into the Middle East and the eastern Mediterranean. From some of ...
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Romania – From Danube To Dracula!

Located in southeastern Europe, Romania is considered by many people as one of the most beautiful countries in the European continent. It is a country where one can lose oneself in the beauty of the peasant villages, be amazed by the richly preserved medieval castles, or simply enjoy the luxurious offerings in one of the many ...
Cassie De Pecol

Cassie De Pecol, The First Woman Who Visited Each Country on Earth

Her goal was to become the first woman who traveled to all 193 sovereign countries, plus Kosovo, Taiwan, and Palestine. Her trip wasn’t only about visiting every country, spending her time for a holiday, and holding the record as the fastest person to do so, but also about inspiring people around the world. The estimated cost of ...
Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa, Kauai
Family Vacation Luxury Holidays United States

Top 10 Resorts In The USA

It is the perfect place for a family holiday or for a romantic getaway. Spread over a vast area of 50 acres, the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa is covered with bright green gardens, clear blue pools, and manicured lawns. The architecture of the hotel is classic Hawaiian and the cuisine is refreshing. If you ...
Wineglass Bay
Australia and Oceania Best Beaches

Top 10 Beaches In Australia

The Wineglass Bay belongs to the ‘Freycinet National Park’ and could be easily the subject of a romantic poem. Nestled against sharp white peaks made of granite, the sea always looks like a rainbow of various colors. Tourists come here for doing some fishing and sailing. The area is also popular with rock climbers.  Other popular ...
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Flight Attendants Secrets: The First Thing They Notice When You Board

She has had a personal experience where a woman experienced a heart attack at the gate and she was so thankful it happened on the ground and not in flight. As much as flight attendants are trained on medical emergencies she says, “Flight attendants are all trained in CPR, Automated External Defibrillators, basic first aid emergencies, ...