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Photos of North Korea, and the Story Behind Them

North Korea has been becoming an interesting yet still mysterious country for some people, especially for tourists. People tend to be curious and want to know more about the country since it is a communist nation. "Is that really true?" "How does it look to live inside that country?" "Are the citizens happy with all the rules ...
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Photos of Feminine Beauty from Around the Globe

Culturally dressed North Korean Beauty. This was and still is Noroc’s motto. She observes that the differences in all of us should only but bring us together. Diversity is power and the more different we are, the more united we must become. And not a source of conflict . Koleka from South Africa. We must embrace ...
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Cassie De Pecol, The First Woman Who Visited Each Country on Earth

For example, when she want to enter North Korea, the geopolitical tensions between the US and North Korea meant Americans who wanted to visit were charged a hefty price, more than for travelers from other countries. She said that the three-day visa cost $1,000, though she went in with a group of Chinese tourists and their three-day visa only ...
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28 Structures That Epitomize Man’s Architectural Genius

Architectural artistry is one of the most expansive demonstrations of man’s unending ingenuity. Man has expressed himself through design and construction since the Stone Age. In this piece we attempt to run you through the top 28 structures all around the world that stretch the very boundaries of structural manifestation. From the ageless beauty that is La Sagrada ...
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! Top Tourist Attractions Of New Jersey

New Jersey may be one of the smallest states in the US, but it is certainly not small when it comes to the list of tourist attractions. From historic architecture and museums to national parks and beaches, there is a lot on offer at New Jersey. And not to forget the casinos of Atlantic City. The ...
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Top 10 Resorts In The USA

The Joule Hotel, Dallas, Texas . The Joule Hotel, Dallas. The Joule Hotel is famous for the rooftop pool which literally juts out of the building. Located in the heart of Dallas, the hotel makes it easy for you to access every corner of the city. The rooftop lounge and the pool are undoubtedly the biggest ...