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Nicaragua – Nature Nirvana of Central America

The Republic of Nicaragua, or simply Nicaragua, is the largest country in Central America and one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the American continent. Once ravaged by political turmoil and corruption, Nicaragua has turned a new leaf – opening its doors to the world to allow tourists to experience the stunning natural beauty of ...
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Beautiful Surf Hostels Around the World

99 Surf Lodge, Popoyo, Nicaragua 99 Surf Lodge is a beautiful surf hostel. Let's imagine. It has the infinity pool, a gym with '270-degree view', an organic restaurant, and the room comes with glass doors and a veranda. In the morning you can actually wake up to the sea, take 10 minutes walk to surf at ...
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Retire at one of these top 10 places in the world in 2018

This is however followed closely by Porto largely thanks to its cool weather. The Algarve region is notably well stocked with golf courses and beaches and is preferred by British expats. Nicaragua . Low living cost, great healthcare and easier and better lifestyle for retirees are some of the most notable highlights in Nicaragua. IL Editors note ...