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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital and one of the most populous cities of The Netherlands. It is also a major tourist destination attraction with about 5 million visitors every year from all corners of the globe. Although much of the serenity of Amsterdam has been affected by the large number of tourists, the city still has an ...
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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Eindhoven

From being an unimportant, battle-ravaged town for centuries to becoming the 5th largest city of the Netherlands in a few decades, the transformation of Eindhoven has truly been fascinating. Eindhoven is most famously related to Philips, the global electronic giant  founded here in 1891. The following few decades saw a manifold growth in the fortune of ...
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10 Attractions That You Should Not Miss In The Netherlands

While Amsterdam remains the most visited place in the Netherlands, it is not the only attraction that this country has to offer. From exploring the canals to visiting the iconic windmills and museums, there is a lot to do in the Netherlands — often referred to as Holland. In this blog, we will list 10 attractions ...
Crater Lake National Park – Oregon
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39 Incredible Photos of Places Around the Globe You Must Visit

Especially magical are the colorful fishes swimming deep inside the water attraction. Keukenhof Flower Bloom – Netherlands . Garden of Europe. The ‘Garden of Europe’ is a no brainer member of the places around the Globe worth checking out. It is lined with rows of multicolored flowers arranged incredibly in such an appealing pattern. Who does these thing? ...
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Top 10 Caribbean Diving Sites

Saba is a part of the Caribbean Netherlands. It is the smallest municipality in that area and is home to a big and active volcano, known as ‘Mount Scenery’. The latter is the highest point in the Netherlands. Saba only recently became a part of Netherlands Antilles in the year 2010. Saba consists of a huge variety ...
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One Sentence That Can Annoy Europeans

Let's check it out. Austria: Are you Germans? Bosnia and Herzegovina: Muslim Serbs Bulgaria: Still use the Russian alphabet? Croatia: Catholic Serbs Czech Republic: Are you eastern Europeans? England: Los Malvinas son Argentinas Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania: Baltics? You’re Russian Right? France: American wines are better Hungary: Are you hungry hahaha Germany: This video is not ...
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Travelers’ Choice: 25 Most Popular European Destinations of 2018

Stephen’s Basilica’s Dome caps your tour. Amsterdam – Netherlands . Medieval Amsterdam. An impressive city of canals, bridges and colorful homes, Amsterdam also offers unforgettable houseboat stays. You also get to visit the Anne Frank House, RijkMuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the floating flower market. Or join the biking euphoria across the streets of Amsterdam. Lisbon – ...
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Fascinating Bridges for Animals Around The World

It depends on the type of animals that will pass through it. The longest one is Natuurbrug Zanderij Crailoo which located in Netherlands. It is over half a mile long. From Australia to Czech Republic, this list will show you some countries that have animals bridges. 1. Christmas Island, Australia . Crab Bridge.   2. Japan .
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A Guide to Traveling Europe Alone for the Female Traveler

The Netherlands The Netherlands is also an accessible country. This country has good public transportation which will help you to explore the country. As a solo female traveler, the quality of public transportation is important for you. Another option is renting bicycles to get around the country. 5. Poland Poland is also one of budget friendly ...