Africa Diving

Top Diving Sites Of Africa

The Red Sea is one of the top diving sites in the world. Some of the most popular diving sites include Shark and Yolanda Reef, Thistlegorm, Ras Mohammed, and Eliphistone Reef. Diving conditions are some of the best in the world with extremely high visibility and very few waves. The warm water is an added bonus. The ...
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Central and South America Diving

Top Diving Sites Of South America

It is quite common to see circles of fish and sharks while diving there. In some places the water is so deep that sunlight fails to reach there. However, Malpelo is not a diving destination for new divers. All divers going to Malpelo need to be experienced. There are strict diving requirements for safety regulations. A diver ...
Cancun Underwater Museum
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10 Stunning Underwater Wonders

Diving in Orda Cave. The Orda Cave is a system of crystal gypsum caves stretching under the Ural Mountains in Russia. It is one of the longest series of caves on earth. The water surrounding the caves offers crystal clear clarity because of the mineral surroundings. As you enter the cave, the first thing you notice ...
Jellyfish Lake, Eil Malk Island, Palau
Adventures Diving

Top 10 Destinations For Water Sports Activities

Scuba diving or snorkeling at Lake Powell, USA . Sunset at Lake Powell. Lake Powell is one of the most beautiful manmade lakes. Located between Arizona and Utah, it is a very popular tourist destination. Millions of tourists visit the lake every year. Popular activities at the lake include snorkeling, swimming, fishing. Diving and scuba diving ...
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Top 10 Incredibly Exciting Dive Sites

A diving site normally means clear blue water, fish swimming all around you, completely silent surroundings and the like. However, there are some diving sites which include much more amazing things. Let us take a look at some of them.   Cenote Diving, Mexico . Cenote. The Cenote is the place to go to if you ...
Cozumel Diving – Mexico
Carribean Diving

Top 10 Caribbean Diving Sites

This makes the USS Kittiwake one of the most perfect wreck-diving sites in the world. The underwater wreck can be easily reached via boat. All boats for the site start from the ‘Seven Mile Beach’.   Explore the untouched Glovers’ Reef at Belize . Glover's Reef. Glovers’ Reef is an untouched piece of beauty located off ...
Iran Middle East

12 Stunning Attractions Of Iran

It has some of the most ideal conditions for snorkeling and scuba-diving. Coral-viewing, water skiing, jet skiing, parasailing, and reef walking are other popular activities with the visiting tourists. The island has many pristine white sandy beaches.   Dizin Ski Resort . Located in north Iran in the Alborz Mountain range, the Dizin Ski Resort is ...
Carribean Jamaica

Top 10 Attractions For A Relaxed Vacation In Jamaica

At Port Antonio, there is a wide array of attractions and activities to chose from — exploring art galleries, hiking in the jungle, snorkeling, and scuba diving at the colorful coral reefs of the 60 meter deep Blue Lagoon. Fort George, built by the British in the 18th century, is a popular attraction of this town.
Europe Netherlands

10 Attractions That You Should Not Miss In The Netherlands

For the adrenaline junkies, Rotterdam offers tandem skydiving, abseiling, and the fastest zip wiring in Europe.   Windmills of Kinderdijk . One of the first images that we have of the Netherlands is its windmills and there is no other place to best experience this image than Kinderdijk. Located in southern Netherlands, about 15 km east ...
Asia Bali Indonesia

Must-Visit Attractions of the Tropical Paradise of Bali

The aqua marine life makes it a great place for snorkeling and diving. The Bay is a piece of paradise in itself, making it one of the must-see places in Bali.   Pura Besakih Temple . Pura Besakih Temple. The Mother Temple of Besakih or Pura Besakih is the largest and holiest temple of Bali. Located ...