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Top 10 Scenic Islands of Africa

When you think of Africa, the idea of beaches or islands doesn’t really come to mind. You are more likely to think of jungles, lions, elephants and the like. But Africa is not limited to its wildlife or jungles only. It is also home to numerous beautiful, preserved beaches. Some have a rich history while some ...
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Top 10 Most Beautiful Island Destinations In The World

With so many islands in the world, it is difficult to name the most beautiful. It might seem like they are all the same because they all have beaches and the sea. However, all islands have their own characteristics. Some have their unique culture while some others have unique weather. In some places, the beaches are ...
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Top 10 Family Beach Destinations in the USA

Bike through Newport, Rhode Island . Newport. Newport is home to a rich historic past, some amazing architecture and a legendary waterfront. It is considered by many as a shining gem of America. One of the best things about Newport is that it can be explored on a scooter or a bike. You won’t see that ...
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Ranking the top 25 beaches in the Caribbean

The Caribbean Islands derive their world-renowned appeal from their adventurous nature, clear waters and endless horizons. Welcoming and accommodating to all, the Caribbean Islands have played host to people from all walks of life and of varied income brackets. However unique and exciting all the beaches are, there is definitely a variation in levels based on ...
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The 25 Top rated Beaches in Europe

From the beautifully spread white sands in Spain and Greece to divine topographical attractions in Italy and the UK, Europe is home to some of the best seaside attractions with the vast range of activities for vacationers. Ranking 25 of the best beaches of Europe was done using the quantity and quality of the ratings by the travelers ...
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Top 10 Public Beaches in Florida

Bahia Honda . Bahia Honda. Bahia Honda State Park is located in the Florida Keys. The area offers some of the most spectacular beaches in the state. Because of its state park status, the whole region is in a completely unspoiled natural condition. The park has two beaches, facing opposite directions. This means there is usually ...
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10 Stunning Beaches That You Must Visit

Tanjung Bira, Sulawesi Island, Indonesia . Tanjung Bira. The best thing about Tanjung Bira is its abundant greenery and its unique wildlife. Of course there is also the clear blue sea and the piers which don’t seem to end. The Tanjung Bira Beach is located on the world’s 11th largest island — Sulawesi Island. The beach ...