Sea Turtles at Maui Ocean Center.
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Where to See Animals in Maui

East Maui Animal Refuge East Maui Animal Refuge, or The Boo Boo Zoo,  is home for injured and orphaned animals.When you go on a tour, you will not only see and get close to the animals but also give donations.  This rehabilitation sanctuary is entirely run by volunteers. Because the tours are available by appointment only, you ...
white bear

5 Best Places to See Polar Bears in Their Natural Habitat

Fortunately, we still have people and organizations concerned with Arctic animals and their natural habitat. For example, five countries whose territories cover polar bear's range (Canada, Greenland, Norway, Russia, and the US) signed the Circumpolar Action Plan. It is a 10-year global conservation strategy to save  polar bears and their future. To see polar bears in their ...
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Affordable Safaris Beyond Africa

Most people think that Africa is the best place to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat. It can be true, since Africa is famous for its animal diversity and habitats. But before all those adventures, we need a lot of money to go there, especially if we live far from Africa. It can even cost around $800 ...
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11 Winter Animals and Where to See Them

Some others want to see the landscape or the animals. And there are still many other reasons. Animal watching tours have been popular among travelers due to their fun and uniqueness. People can see, observe, and interact with the animals in the wild. One of the most popular tours is an African safaro where you can see ...

8 Places Where You Can See Penguins in the Wild

Penguins are a favorite among  bird species due to their uniqueness. Though penguins can't fly like most other birds, they are still attractive and charismatic. You may always hear or think that they only live in a place with a huge amount of snow like the Arctic, but it isn't entirely true. In fact, no penguins live at the ...
animal bridge
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Fascinating Bridges for Animals Around The World

You need to know that in this world, bridges aren't only made for human, but also for animals. Some animals  migrate in a group to another place. During their migration, a lot of animals can be killed by vehicles, because some highways are built in the middle of a national park or forest. The bridges,also known ...
Serengeti National Park

10 Top Places to See Animals Outside of Zoos

Watching animals in their habitat has been one of favorite adventures for some travelers. From camel riding to mountain gorilla trekking, here are ten amazing animals and where to see them. Check it out. 10. Camel Riding in Australia Riding a camel in the middle of the desert is a common thing. Do you want to ride ...
Virginia Safari Park
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10 Popular Safari Parks in the U.S.

Nowadays, people who love to see wild animals don't have to travel to Africa or other countries to see them. You can experience it by going to a safari park. It could be a great place for spending your holiday and helping kids learn about the animals. Not just to see them — you can also feed ...
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Top 10 Spectacular Family Vacations in Africa

Gorillas, just like humans, are social animals. They often live in family-like set-ups. A lone silverback gorilla can be the leader of any one such family. Take your family to meet one of these gorilla families at the Bwindi National Park, which is home to almost half of the mountain gorillas in the world. The best ...
West Coast Game Park
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West Coast Game Park – A Safari in the U.S

The animals here are no less than ambassadors of their species; these include black bears, servals, ferrets, skunks, foxes, goats, and even snow leopards. . West Coast Game Park. The best thing about this game park is that its location – continental United States. The park was created in 1968 and from its simple beginnings it ...