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20 Top-Rated Attractions That Will Lure You to Snowy Alaska

Or maybe just feed your Instagram desires at one of the purest gifts of Mother Nature. Bites and bottles at the Glacier Brewhouse . Juicy Sockeye salmon at Glacier Brewhouse. Enjoy mouthwatering cuisines at the local favorite  – Glacier Brewhouse – including this lip-smacking grilled sockeye salmon. You may later wash it down with the wines of your ...
Dark Hollow Falls Trail
Hiking United States Virginia

Top Hiking Trails at Shenandoah National Park

It is criss-crossed with several hiking trails that attract nature lovers from all over the US. If you are not much into hiking, then you can enjoy the scenic beauty by driving along the famous Skyline Drive – a 105-mile drive through the heart of the park. But there is no doubt that the best views ...
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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Roanoke

The Bottom Creek Gorge is a popular spot for nature lovers, bird watchers and photographers. Located 20 miles away from Roanoke, it is one of the most visited sites in Virginia. It also feeds the Roanoke River and consists of several trails. Then there is the beautiful landscape, the hardwood forests and the 2nd highest waterfall ...
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5 Camel Experiences Worth Trying in Dubai

Due to its ability to live in extreme conditions, camels are often found in Middle Eastern countries. Camels aren't only a popular tourist attraction but also typical animals of some countries including the UAE. A trip to the UAE wouldn't be complete without seeing and riding these animals. Many companies offer tour packages to experience riding a ...
Sea Turtles at Maui Ocean Center.
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Where to See Animals in Maui

Known as the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, this island is a perfect place for your holiday. The top things to do in Maui are sunset cruise, surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, and  animal watching. The water activities can be done at almost any beach in Maui. For you who are animal lovers, here are top 5 ...
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5 Best Places to See Polar Bears in Their Natural Habitat

Wrangel Island - Russia Wrangel Island is one of the world's least-visited and most-restricted nature reserves. This land is the favorite place of hundreds of polar bears raising their cubs during winter. Expedition ship tours are offered by some operators, departing from the Russian port of Anadyr. By joining the tours, you will also get opportunities ...
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Affordable Safaris Beyond Africa

Most people think that Africa is the best place to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat. It can be true, since Africa is famous for its animal diversity and habitats. But before all those adventures, we need a lot of money to go there, especially if we live far from Africa. It can even cost around $800 ...
Svalbard Wildlife–Svalbard Reindeer

11 Winter Animals and Where to See Them

There is always a reason for people to travel. Some people want to taste the local cuisine of another part of the world. Some others want to see the landscape or the animals. And there are still many other reasons. Animal watching tours have been popular among travelers due to their fun and uniqueness. People can see, ...