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The Top 10 Winners of Best Safari Park 2018

There were 20 nominees of safari parks picked by 10 Best editors, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote of 10 Best readers. The experts — Debra Erickson (International Zoo Educators Association), Eileen Ogintz (Taking the Kids) and Alan Sironen (Zoo Consultants International) — were chosen based on their knowledge and experience of the ...
The Grand Canyon
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15 Most Beautiful Reasons to Tour Arizona

Arizona gained statehood on February 14th 1912. It is therefore sometimes known as the Valentine State. The southwestern state is most popular for the Grand Canyon that’s carved out artistically by the Colorado River. Arizona is also home to other breathtaking natural tourist sites and adventure locations beyond just the famous Grand Canyon. From the serenity ...
Tatra Mountains

Top 10 Summer Hiking Trails In The World

While the idea of hiking during summer can be sweat-inducing, it can also be a good experience. It all depends on the location and a great one can really make for an exhilarating and satisfying hike. Following are few locations around the world for the perfect hike during summer months.   Porcupine Mountains, Michigan, USA .
Aleutian Islands
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Exploring The Virgin Beauty Of Planet Earth

Known as Stirling Falls and Lady Bowen Falls, these are visited by a large number of nature-loving tourists every year. Often the two waterfalls are accompanied by several other seasonal waterfalls. The infrastructure is well developed and tourist service is great. Author Rudyard Kipling visited the Milford Sound and had called it the Eighth Wonder of the ...
Cayak Buffalo National River
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9 Top Places to Visit in Arkansas

Bordering six different other states, the Natural State of Arkansas is home to astounding lakes, rivers, reservoirs and extensive parks. Arkansas was only the 25th state to join the Union. The Southern state is home to about 150,000 acres of wilderness which are absolutely perfect for  outdoorsy escapades. You may hike, camp, fish or hunt in the ...
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Top Diving Sites Of South America

Experience shark encounters at Malpelo Island – Colombia . Malpelo Island. Malpelo is the place to go to if you like un-crowded destinations. Often compared to the Galapagos Islands, Malpelo is renowned for its rich marine life. Malpelo is home to a 300-kilometer long volcanic underwater ridge. This is what attracts so much of marine life, ...
Cancun Underwater Museum
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10 Stunning Underwater Wonders

The Great Blue Hole can be easily described as a striking wonder of nature. More precisely described as a ‘sinkhole’, it is located next to the ‘Lighthouse Reef’ in Belize. Unlike the underwater waterfalls, the Great Blue Hole is an actual hole and is not an illusion. It is over 124 meters deep and 300 meters ...

Top 10 Stunning Hiking Trails In The World

Hiking is an activity like no other. It gets your heart  pumping and takes you to places never seen before. Hikers are often known to challenge themselves with difficult and ‘dangerous’ terrains. If challenging yourself is what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place. Following is a list of the best ...
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African Safari Hopping

Africa is a paradise for safari and animal lovers. The parks and reserves in Africa are definitely part of their bucket lists. African safaris offer you many options for where and how to see the animals in the wild. A safari camp, a game driver, or even hot air balloon safari, it's up to you to choose.