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Top 10 Attractions & Activities – Morocco

Morocco, located on the north western tip of the African continent, is one of the most popular tourist attractions with a footfall of over 10 million visitors annually. The country has a vast array of attractions and activities to offer — from historic architecture to stunning beaches and from desert safaris to colorful markets. The welcoming ...
Tatra Mountains

Top 10 Summer Hiking Trails In The World

The Atlas mountain range is spread across Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. The mountains boast of green valleys and tall snow-capped peaks. It is also covered with numerous hiking trails. Unlike the Herdubreid, the Atlas Mountain can be quite easy to hike. The ‘High Atlas Mountains’ area is the most easily accessible area. It is also known ...
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Top 10 Spectacular Family Vacations in Africa

Visit the Blue City of Morocco . Blue City. Morocco is quite the destination for families to escape to. It can be aptly described as ‘otherworldly’ for its mysticism and beauty. The small town of Chefchaouen is especially popular amongst families as a tourist destination. Located in the Rif Mountains, almost all the houses in the ...
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Beautiful Surf Hostels Around the World

The Lunar Surf House, Agadir, Morocco Located in Morrocco, The Lunar Surf House was opened by a Moroccan/Australian couple who wanted to create a base for traveling surfers. The building is colorful and cozy with a rooftop and a free homemade breakfast for you. There are also a sunset yoga lessons and Reiki healing classes. For ...
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Spice Up Your Vacation With These Luxurious Adventure Destinations

Dar Ahlam Boutique Hotel in Morocco How about some Arabian nights and Arabian days? At the Dar Ahlam Boutique Hotel in Morocco, you can explore the Sahara Desert in style. You may opt to venture into the world's largest hot desert on a camel, or spend a romantic night under the stars with your partner.
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12 Reasons Why You Must Visit Tunisia

It is also the smallest of the northern African countries, sandwiched between Morocco and Algeria. Tunisia is renowned as a beach destination for its soft sandy Mediterranean beaches. However, there is more to Tunisia than the beaches — ancient archaeological sites, stunning desert scenery, and magnificent Islamic architecture, to name just a few. Take a trip ...