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How to Meet People While Traveling Solo

Many people are afraid to travel alone for many reasons. They think that it would put them in danger, make them feel lonely during traveling, or that no one will help them take a photo. Do you think so too? If you do, then you should try to talk to random strangers. You will meet many people along the way. They could be the locals or other travelers. Let’s try to talk to them. Don’t worry! These tips will help you meet people while traveling solo.

1. Give Everyone a Chance

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Yes, you should give them a chance. When you are traveling, you will meet many people on the bus or train, or in a cafe, hostel, or bookshop. They may have different culture and language from you. But, who knows,  some of them are interesting people! What  if their life story could inspire you to do something better? Try to keep an open mind. It will help you to interact with them.

2. Always Stay in a Hostel When You Travel Abroad Alone

A hostel is the best accommodation when you  travel alone. Most solo travelers choose to stay in a hostel. Some could say that hostels could be their second home. When  staying in a hostel, you will have an opportunity to meet other solo travelers. Don’t be afraid; say ‘Hi!’ to them.

Lucky Lake Hostel Amsterdam

3. One Word: Food!

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When staying in a hostel, you can cook some food in the hostel kitchen. Usually, the hostel also provides a dining table where you can eat together with other travelers. And this is your chance! Try to chat or share your food with them. Then you will make new friends. But, if you’re looking something special about the dining experience, you can book a social foodie experience with Vizeat. There are always foodie events that you can try.

4. Learn the Lingo If You Want to Meet Locals While Traveling

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As we mentioned before, you will meet many people while traveling. They could be the locals or other travelers who speak the same language as you. If you can speak English, that’s great. But it would be better to learn the local language, too. Try to learn at least the basic phrases. One of the mobile apps that can help you is Hostelworld app. They have a new feature that lets you converse like a near-native in 43 languages and counting.

5. Get an App That Helps You Meet People to Travel With

Thanks to technology, traveling is easier these days. Many travel apps were made to make your trip easier. From booking your airplane ticket and accommodation to helping you  find travel mates, the apps can help you a lot! And one of them is Backpackr. By using this app, you can check out other backpacker’s destination, travel plans, and itineraries. If the plans match up with yours, then congrats, you just found your travel mate!

Backpackr even lets female travelers configure their settings so that only other female travelers can contact them. This is very helpful for solo female travelers. Other recommended app is Tourlina. This app is only for women, which can help them meet people to travel with.

Want to try the apps? Download here: Backpackr | Tourlina 

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6. Hostel Activities Are The Best Way to Meet People

Hostels offer many cool activities and events for travelers. And most of them are free! Why don’t you try to join one of their events? You will get the opportunity to meet other travelers. You can choose to join the surf lessons, Russian dumpling classes, Thai cooking classes, or more amazing activities. Let’s have fun and share experiences with your new friends!

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7. Consider A Group Tour

Become a solo traveler doesn’t mean that you’ll always travel alone by yourself. Try to join a group tour. These days, many tour operators give travelers more flexibility on the trips. We can create our itinerary based on their recommendations, but you don’t have to make all the plans by yourself. They will help you to organize the trip. By joining a group tour, it means that you have the chance to meet other awesome travelers. You can book a trip with Busabout. It’s great for solo travelers. Enjoy your adventure!

8. Be Flexible With Your Plans

Anything can happen when you’re traveling. You can meet someone you click with, and he or she could be your best travel mate. So, be flexible! Once you meet your travel mate, you can change your plans and go on a trip with them. A little adventure together can be fun!

9. Party With The Locals

Another amazing travel app that worth to try is Party with a Local, especially for the party lover. By using the app, you can connect with party-loving locals in almost any destinations. This app also helps you to avoid  overpriced tourist bars and clubs.

Download Party with a Local

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10. Don’t Worry So Much!

You are traveling to have fun and enjoy the trip. So, don’t worry so much! We know that this world is full of surprises and anything could happen during our trip, right? But worrying too much will not help you too. Just be confident and be yourself. The main thing about traveling is being open minded and want to meet new people. That’s how you can have fun during traveling.

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11. Meet People Abroad Who Love What You Love

The good thing about traveling is you can meet people abroad who love the same things as you do. It could be wine tasting, visiting the British Museum, food tours, and more. Friends at Musement can help you! They work with locals to find the best things to do in each city. You can discover and book cool events through them. And all you need to do is just have fun, because they will organize everything for you.

For more info: Musement

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