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Malaysia – Melting Pot Of Asia

  Malaysia is a country located in Southeast Asia. It is separated by the South China Sea into two similarly sized areas – Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. The history of Malaysia begins back in the time of local kingdoms, some of them formed after separating from China and some others from India. In the 18th ...
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8 Best Destinations in Malaysia

Malaysia a South East Asian country with a a rich cultural heritage. Many flights from around the world arrive in that country every day. People with different travel styles can enjoy the beauty of the country based on their own preference. Do you love to take a walk around the city? You can spend your holiday sightseeing ...
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Retire at one of these top 10 places in the world in 2018

Spain’s cosmopolitan cities of Barcelona and Madrid are, in addition, much less expensive than Paris and London. Malaysia . The only Asian country in the auspicious list, Malaysia is the definition of multicultural. Homing a blend of Malay, Indians, Chinese, Europeans and Americans, the stunning nation hosts rich array of activities and sights. Better still, you get to ...
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Bangkok – The Most Visited City in the World

He disappeared during a trip to Malaysia in 1967, but by that time was already a legendary figure in the Thai city. His beautiful wooden house is now open to the public as a museum.   Lumphini Park . Lumphini Park. Spread over 142 acres, Lumphini Park is a public park in the city of Bangkok.
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12 Undiscovered Places in Asia You Must Visit

If you are a venturesome sightseer eager to discover new destinations others haven’t been to, then Asia has quite a number of interesting options that surely will capture your attention. From the ancient tropical rainforest in Malaysia to the primeval city in South Korea, Asia has a variety of concealed gems that haven’t as yet gotten the ...
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Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands in Asia

Pom Pom Island, Malaysia . Pom Pom Island. The Pom Pom Island is part of the Semporna archipelago. Located on the eastern coast of Malaysia, the Pom Pom Island is a tiny speck of tranquility. Almost entirely devoid of pollution, this is the island to go to if you want to achieve complete peace. The white ...
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Top 10 Incredibly Beautiful Islands Of Asia

The two best things about Havelock Island are the fresh seafood and fresh, creamy coconut milk.   Langkawi Permata Kedah, Malaysia . The Langkawi Permata Kedah, popularly known just as Langkawi, is just one in a group of 99 islands! Located at Malaysia’s western coast, the island is part of an archipelago. Because of its diverse ...