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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain and one of the most-visited cities of western Europe. It is not only the largest city in Spain, but also one of the largest in the European Union. Madrid has been a center of arts, culture, entertainment, and fashion for many decades. Sports lovers will know  Madrid as the home ...
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Spain – Sun and Fun For The Whole Family

Their original artworks can be seen in the art galleries, museums and some cathedrals: Museo Nacional del Prado (popularly called El Prado), The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and The National Museum in Madrid; The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao; Catalan National Art Museum and Picasso Museum in Barcelona; El Greco’s altarpieces in Toledo. Visiting those galleries can take you ...
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Hidden Gems of Spain – Off the Beaten Track

Whenever we speak of Spain, there are only a few destinations that come to mind — Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville, and Ibiza leading that list. However, Spain has a lot more to offer than only these popular tourist hot spots. In fact, these big cities only give a partial picture of the beauty and culture of ...
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Best Places to Visit in Spain in 2018

Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Seville, and Valencia are some of popular cities in Spain. Here are some best places to visit in Spain.   1. Madrid . Madrid is the capital city of Spain. One of the main attractions is the Prado, one of the largest museums in the world. Another one is sightseeing around Plaza Mayor, the main square.
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It was established in 1965 and is also called the Prado on the Prairie, a nickname acquired from the Prado Museum in Madrid. The Meadows Museum  has an extensive collection of paintings and artworks from the 10th to the 20th centuries. From Renaissance altarpieces to Rococo paintings, and from Goya to Rodin, the range is wide ...
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Spain’s cosmopolitan cities of Barcelona and Madrid are, in addition, much less expensive than Paris and London. Malaysia . The only Asian country in the auspicious list, Malaysia is the definition of multicultural. Homing a blend of Malay, Indians, Chinese, Europeans and Americans, the stunning nation hosts rich array of activities and sights. Better still, you get to ...
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8 Exciting Things To Do In Spain

The best Spanish tapas can be found in these locations: Granada, Seville, San Sebastian, Jaen, Leon, Logroño, Barcelona and Madrid.   1.Visit the ancient aqueduct and strike your best pose . Aqueduct at Segovia. The popular aqueduct located in Segovia has stood the test of time. Built by the Romans 2000 years ago, this sturdy structure ...
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Madrid, Spain .   14. Vienna, Austria .   15. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil .   16. Varanasi, India .   17. Toronto, Canada .   18. Mexico City, Mexico .   19. São Paulo, Brazil . 20. Lima, Peru .   21. Buenos Aires, Argentina .   22. Jakarta, Indonesia .   23. Rome, Italy ...