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Luxury Adventure of a Lifetime: 7 Unique Trips for Billionaires

What would you do if you had all the money in the world? Some may buy material things, like a house or a new vehicle. However, these things can be temporary. That’s why it might be better to spend on something that will stay with you for a lifetime: an unforgettable adventure in a beautiful destination.

Here are some of the unique things you can do if you are a billionaire seeking for the adventure of a lifetime.

7. Go on a sparkly tour around the world

Want to go on a trip around the world in style? French crystal manufacturer Baccarat has arranged a voyage around the world for its affluent clientele to appreciate its sparkly products. The tour, which has a $300,000 price tag, spans 12 days and three continents. Those who join the tour will be taken from  the posh Baccarat Hotel in New York, to the palaces of Istanbul, to Tokyo to drink cocktails in fancy glasses, and to other elegant destinations like Moscow, Seoul and Paris. The package  includes private aviation, luxurious accommodations, access to a spa for relaxation and high-end dining.

6. Visit luxury hotels on board a private jet

Staying in one of Four Seasons’ 101 properties around the world is luxurious enough, but what if you can tour their posh hotels around the world for weeks, on board a private jet? Four Seasons allows its loyal customers to do so, through its so-called “private jet experience.” Guests will be taken to exotic destinations around the world where there are Four Seasons hotel, and will tour exotic destinations. Next year, guests will be taken to India, Hawaii, Bora Bora, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, England and Prague. All of these can be availed of for $135,000 per person.

5. Save endangered rhinos in Africa

This is the trip you should take if you want a taste of adventure and luxury, while helping African wildlife at the same time. Explore, Inc. arranges deluxe tours of the African safari, where you will stay in posh accommodations like the Phinda Private Game Reserve Homestead and the Okavango Delta Mombo Camp in Botswana. The tour also gives the opportunity to save endangered rhinos, which are under threat from hunters who want their horns. You will have first-hand encounters with these gentle giants and a chance to learn from conservation experts how you can help them.

4. Stay on a private island in Fiji

This vacation idea is perfect for a billionaire who likes the sun, sand and serenity. You will be flown via a private jet to the ultra-private Laucala Island in Fiji, where you will get to enjoy turquoise waters, soft white sand on the shore and a lush green rainforest as backdrop to your adventure. The accommodations are tailored to the posh clientele, who stay in luxurious versions of traditional Fijian dwellings. Feel the island life by engaging in different activities like fishing, horseback riding and hiking, or just relax through spa treatments and yoga sessions.

3. Be a trailblazer in Europe

If you’re the type of person who loves traveling and wants to do things others haven’t done before, then this is the luxury vacation you should do. VeryFirstTo.com has a tour across Europe’s most fabulous cities such as Milan, Rome, Munich and Amsterdam while doing trailblazing activities. In this unique tour, you can come up with your own coat of arms, create your own fragrance and create a doll house patterned after your own home.

2. Go to outer space

Is this world too small for you? You can now go on an out-of-this-world trip, literally. Interested space explorers can sign up with Virgin Galactic for a trip to outer space, for $250,000 per person. This includes astronaut training at Spaceport America in New Mexico to get you accustomed to space life, and even a celebratory champagne upon landing.

1. Get a bird’s eye view of Africa in style

Africa is a continent full of natural resources and surprises, and luxury travel company Abercrombie and Kent allows you to explore these in style. For $92,500, you will be able to hop on a private jet and see beautiful African destinations from the sky. You will also be taken on a tour to the majestic Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, do some wine-tasting in South Africa, explore rock-carved churches in Ethiopia, track gorillas in Uganda and do some glamorous camping in Marrakech. Indeed, the sky’s the limit to this wonderful tour of Africa.

Money should be spent not just on material things, but moreso on memories that will last forever. These seven luxurious trips are only some of the ways you can experience the adventure of a lifetime.

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