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Living in the Coldest Place on Earth

A New Zealand photographer, Amos Chapple, visited the coldest inhabited village on Earth, Oymyakon in Russia. The lowest recorded temperature was  −96 °F (−71.2 °C) in 1924.  In January, the average temperature was -50°C (-60°F). No wonder it is referred as the coldest place on earth. Chapple captured amazing photographs and showed us what life like during winter in the village.


For Chapple, the hardest part was not the cold itself, but that his camera occasionally froze.


 This village sign means “Omyakon, The Pole of Cold”


Dressing head-to-toe in fur is a must to survive in this place.


The main foods are meat and fish because the crops can’t grow in this area. Even their vehicles must be located inside heated garages and must keep running when they’re on the outside or they might not start again.

So, do you want to try to live there?


Source: bored panda, peta pixel, amos chapple

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