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Kenya — 12 Incredible Tourist Attractions

The first word that will cross your mind when you hear the name Kenya is safari. This east African nation has made its way into the hearts of travelers, especially nature and wildlife lovers, for being one of the premier tourist destinations in the world. It has some of the most well-known safari parks where you ...
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Top 10 Beaches in Africa

There is also the ‘Little Bay’ beach which is popular with sunbathers and families.   Watamu Beach, Malindi, Kenya . Watamu Beach. Malindi is a small Kenyan town and is located around tropical idyllic beaches. All of these beaches are home to relaxing getaways and famous resorts. Towards the northwest of the town lies the ‘Marafa ...
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Top 10 Scenic Islands of Africa

The island is home to the ‘Piton des Neiges’ volcano which reaches up to a height of 10,070 feet.   Lamu, Kenya . Lamu belongs to the archipelago of Lamu. Located in Kenya, Lamu is one of the best preserved destinations in Africa. It was home to one of the oldest civilizations and some of it ...
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Fascinating Bridges for Animals Around The World

Kenya . Elephant Underpass in Kenya.   10. Netherlands . Bridge for The Animals in North Brabant Province. . Ecoduct Duinpoort. . Another ecoduct in Netherlands. . Ecoduct in Overijssel. . Ecoduct 'Harm Van De Veen'.   11. New Jersey . Wildlife Crossing in New Jersey.   13. Bahia, Brazil . Bridge for monkeys and other ...
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You could get in the center of the 8th wonder of the world, the magical sight of – wait for it – 1.7 million wildebeests migrating from Tanzania’s Serengeti to Kenya’s Maasai Mara. Tour with your kids and watch amazed from a guided open-top tour van as “The World Cup of Wildlife” indefinably stroll past the Mara ...