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Thousand of Cherry Blossoms Always Bloom Early in Kawazu

Kawazu is a small town located outside of Tokyo. It only takes two hours to reach it by train from Tokyo Station. The cherry blossom trees in this town always bloom earlier than in other Japanese towns. There are around 8000 cherry blossom trees which are so beautiful in varying shades of pink. Typically the trees bloom in late March or early April, but it’s different in Kawazu.  Kawazu’s trees bloom in February. People come here each February to see and feel the romantic atmosphere under the cherry blossom.

Cherry blossoms, or Sakura, are one of popular attraction for tourists in Japan. 

There is a small locomotive train that usually takes people on a journey to enjoy the cherry blossoms.

This blossom is one of the Japan national symbols.

It also has important meaning in Japanese culture.

For Japanese, the cherry blossoms represent the temporary beauty of life, the acceptance of karma, and the eventuality of death.

This blossom can amaze you during the day and night.


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