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These Stunning Photos Will Definitely Make You Want to Visit Japan

Kristina, a photographer from Moscow, went to Japan during cherry blossom season. Because of her photography talent and the beauty of cherry blossoms, Japan appeared like a fairy tale. She and  her friends visited some destinations and shared some stunning photos with us. Her photos will definitely make you want to visit Japan. Let's enjoy the photos! Himeji Castle ...
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10 Interesting Places in Japan

Traveling to Japan is always a happy time. Japan is not an expensive place to travel. You can enjoy a budget trip in Japan, so money can’t be your reason why you aren’t traveling to Japan. If you can plan a trip well, enjoy a budget trip in Japan isn’t a dream. Maybe that’s one of ...
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Thousand of Cherry Blossoms Always Bloom Early in Kawazu

The cherry blossom trees in this town always bloom earlier than in other Japanese towns. There are around 8000 cherry blossom trees which are so beautiful in varying shades of pink. Typically the trees bloom in late March or early April, but it's different in Kawazu.  Kawazu's trees bloom in February. People come here each February to ...
Interesting Japan

Don’t Miss the Japanese Wisteria Festival This April

Japan offers amazing things in every season. One of the famous things is cherry blossoms. You need to know that spring in Japan isn't only about the cherry blossoms, but also about the beautiful wisteria trees. There is an annual festival called the Great Wisteria Festival that will show you a lot of wisteria trees forming a ...
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Top Chef-Owned Hotels of the World

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa joined hands with the celebrated actor Robert De Niro to craft this high-end Japanese-focused restaurant. Exceptional dining, extravagant accommodation and a chic, contemporary outlook have combined together to make the Nobu hospitality the best luxury experience for travelers visiting Miami.  The hotel features a total of 206 guest rooms and suites. The interior ...
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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Munich

Within the garden complex there is a Japanese teahouse, a Chinese tower, a Greek-styled hill temple, and a nude sunbathing section.   Pinakothek Museums . Pinakothek Museum. The Pinakothek Museums are a combination of three museums, namely Old, New, and Modern. The Old, or Alte, Pinakothek Museum was established by King Ludwig I in 1826, making ...
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Top 10 Restaurants in the USA, According To Yelp

Marukame Udon  is a piece of Japan in the heart of Honolulu. Quite a number of Japanese people live in Honolulu, but Marukame Udon not only satisfies the Japanese taste buds – it has lived up to the liking of non-Japanese people as well. This is evident because you will hardly find this restaurant without a ...
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10 Places You Need to Visit Before You Die

Mount Fuji in Japan . If there’s one volcano you have to see in your lifetime, this is the one you have to visit. Mount Fuji is exquisitely symmetrical, made even more beautiful by the snow surrounding its crater for  several months of the year. Aside from being Japan’s highest peak, this picturesque volcano is also considered ...
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Visiting San Marcos for the Flavors of Texas

Sakura means "cherry blossom" in Japanese. Keeping with the spirit of its name, this eatery will transport you right to the heart of Asia. The best part of dining here is that it is interactive and you can make your own combination of food.  The three interactive dining experiences are called the hot pot station, the sushi ...