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Thousand of Cherry Blossoms Always Bloom Early in Kawazu

The cherry blossom trees in this town always bloom earlier than in other Japanese towns. There are around 8000 cherry blossom trees which are so beautiful in varying shades of pink. Typically the trees bloom in late March or early April, but it's different in Kawazu.  Kawazu's trees bloom in February. People come here each February to ...
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Don’t Miss the Japanese Wisteria Festival This April

Japan offers amazing things in every season. One of the famous things is cherry blossoms. You need to know that spring in Japan isn't only about the cherry blossoms, but also about the beautiful wisteria trees. There is an annual festival called the Great Wisteria Festival that will show you a lot of wisteria trees forming a ...
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These Stunning Photos Will Definitely Make You Want to Visit Japan

Kristina, a photographer from Moscow, went to Japan during cherry blossom season. Because of her photography talent and the beauty of cherry blossoms, Japan appeared like a fairy tale. She and  her friends visited some destinations and shared some stunning photos with us. Her photos will definitely make you want to visit Japan. Let's enjoy the photos! Himeji Castle ...
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10 Interesting Places in Japan

Traveling to Japan is always a happy time. Japan is not an expensive place to travel. You can enjoy a budget trip in Japan, so money can’t be your reason why you aren’t traveling to Japan. If you can plan a trip well, enjoy a budget trip in Japan isn’t a dream. Maybe that’s one of ...
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10 Best Places on Earth for Animal Watching

Your travel agent will be able to arrange the ride for you. Wild Monkeys in Nagano, Japan . . Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park. The Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park in Nagano, Japan is home to macaques. You have definitely seen pictures of these simians sitting in hot water pools, trying to keep warm in the snowy winter ...
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12 Undiscovered Places in Asia You Must Visit

Matsuyama – Japan . Home to the oldest hot spring in Japan and a favorite among the locals, Matsuyama owns a bathhouse – Dogo Onsen Honkan – which dates back to the 19th century. This alongside the Castle of Matsuyama-jo on top of Mount Katsuyama are awe-inspiring views and viewpoints of the City. 4. Tajikistan - Asia ...
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What Not To Miss When Visiting Brazil

The largest Portuguese speaking city in the world, Sao Paulo is home to some of the largest expat populations from countries like Japan and Italy. The city is known for its cultural and entertainment scene. It is home to many museums and art galleries and hosts several sporting and musical events every year. Even the nightlife ...
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Top 10 Summer Hiking Trails In The World

Most hiking areas are easily accessible because of the infrastructure.   Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan . Arashiyama. This is the trail to go to if you want to achieve complete nirvana. The Arashiyama Trail is considered a national treasure by the Japanese and is known for its incredible natural beauty. Spread alongside the Oi River, it is a ...