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Top 10 Attractions For A Relaxed Vacation In Jamaica

Jamaica is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea. It is a popular destination with tourists for its scenic beaches, friendly people, and of course reggae music. Jamaica has several attractions which are ideal for those who are looking for a relaxed vacation. In this blog, we will list 10 attractions which you can enjoy with ...
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Top 10 Stunning Caribbean Islands

Puerto Rico is home to the ‘El Yunque’, which is the only tropical rainforest in the US.   Jamaica . Jamaica is a well known destination and attracts different types of tourists. Many nature lovers come to the island for bird watching. Many others come to witness the Reggae music culture, which was founded on the ...
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Top 10 Spiciest Dishes in the World

But the source of all the heat is an immensely hot spice mixture known as the Jamaican jerk spice. This spice is dry-rubbed on the meat before cooking. Sometimes the meat is left to marinade in wet jerk spice and the heat is just mind-blowing. If you are brave enough, go taste it but be prepared ...
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Ranking the top 25 beaches in the Caribbean

Cayman Islands of the Caribbean further offers plenty of serene trails as well as one of the best wall dives of the world at Bloody Bay Wall. Jamaica . Jamaica is home to sandy beaches, copious banana groves, bird-watching scenery and fantastic shopping options. Also take time to enjoy their delicious Cuisine and a characteristic party and ...