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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Istanbul

Istanbul is located in northwestern Turkey and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It straddles the Bosphorus Strait and spans over two continents – Europe and Asia. Istanbul, formerly Constantinople and Byzantium, is a city steeped with history. It served as the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, remnants of ...
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Travelers’ Choice: 25 Most Popular European Destinations of 2018

Visit the Kazan Cathedral, the Hermitage and the rambling Neva River Delta. Istanbul – Turkey . Blue Mosque - Istanbul. From the ancient Suleymaniye Mosque to the historic Kariye Museum, Istanbul houses some of the most breathtaking vintage architecture. The most notable destination though is the Blue Mosque, visible from almost all the corners of the City.
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28 Structures That Epitomize Man’s Architectural Genius

The northern France Cathedral is moreover exquisitely ornate in the entrance. Plus the Blue Mosque of Istanbul . Towering Blue Mosque in Istanbul. This towering worship place was constructed in the peak of the Ottoman empire to match the majesty of talking to the most high God. Its interior furthermore features over 20,000 handmade tiles. And ...
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Cappadocia: 20 Magical Photos You’ve Never Seen Before

You can go here by bus or plane from Istanbul and other cities in Turkey. These photos will show you how beautiful Cappadocia with its landscape and hot air balloons. Cappadocia at night. Hundreds of hot air balloons up in the air. Very beautiful. The best place to spend your morning. Let's pack your bag and ...
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11 Cities with the Best Street Food

Istanbul . It’s easy to find vendors selling the  best street food in Istanbul. You will find them on almost every block in Istanbul or around the Spice Bazaar. From Simit to Lahmacun, they sell everything. Seems like most people in Istanbul eat Simit to start the mornings. It's a delicious bagel that perfect for your breakfast. So, try the local ...
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10 Must-See Attractions in Turkey

  Exploring Istanbul The ancient city of Constantinople is today the capital of Turkey — Istanbul. Once the hub of trade and commerce of the region, Istanbul remains one of the busiest cities of Turkey, and certainly the most visited by tourists. Attractions in the city range from stunning architecture to a vibrant nightlife. For those ...