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Israel – Top 10 Tourist Sites

Israel. Located in the Middle East, Israel is a haven for any traveler, especially if you are historically inclined. It is home to some of the holiest sites of the planet, attracting pilgrims and tourists from all corners of the globe. Here is our pick of the top tourists attractions that Israel has to offer.  
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It’s like two absolutely contrasting worlds brought together by forces whose strength we cannot even estimate. Similarly this clouded Israeli Coast is dangerous but incredible . Lightening Striking over the Israeli Coast. Stand over the dangerous bridge leading into the sea and witness the cracking lightning on the far sky beyond. Tokyo’s Hanami festival . Cherry ...
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Top Aquatic Attractions For The Whole Family

Float on the Dead Sea at Israel and Jordan . Dead Sea Floating. The Dead Sea needs no introduction. Located at the border of Israel and Jordan, the sea is the lowest point in the world. The sea is so salty that visitors can float on it without making any effort. The water of the Dead ...
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Jordan and Israel both claim to be the baptism site of Jesus. While Israel believes that Jesus was baptized on their side of the Jordan River, Jordan believes it was on their side of the river. Excavations at the Al Maghtas give credit to Jordan’s claim. Excavators at the site have found several evidences of baptismal ...
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The Oriental Institute Museum showcases fascinating archaeological treasures from Egypt, Sudan, Israel, Turkey, Iraq and other neighboring countries. Some of these ancient artifacts date back to over 4,000 years ago, and provide good insights about the culture of our ancestors from the Near East. Museum of Science and Industry . Museum of Science and Industry. Founded ...
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This Israeli-styled joint describes itself as serving “Urban Street Food”. The howling wolf logo on the front glass door and the industrial warehouse like interior might give you some jitters but once settled down, expect some juicy chicken shawarma, steak shawarma and falafel. A chicken shawarma flatbread wrap costs just $6.99 and crispy fries for just ...
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Cassie De Pecol, The First Woman Who Visited Each Country on Earth

It is an Israeli martial art which would help her to defend herself as a woman traveling alone. During traveling, she made sure to drink enough water, take vitamins, and exercise in every country she  visited to stay fit and healthy. She said that on average, she spent two until five days in each country. She ...