Interesting Japan

Don’t Miss the Japanese Wisteria Festival This April

Japan offers amazing things in every season. One of the famous things is cherry blossoms. You need to know that spring in Japan isn't only about the cherry blossoms, but also about the beautiful wisteria trees. There is an annual festival called the Great Wisteria Festival that will show you a lot of wisteria trees forming a ...
Dubai Skydiving
Destinations Interesting

10 Largely Secret Tourist Sites Worth Visiting in 2018

Interesting, considering this is a guy who was battling to break – and actually broke – the world record for countries visited. He however came up with 10 sites around the globe that are mostly under the radar but offer you all the unique attractions and spectacular scenery you need. Planning a trip, he notes, is ...
iceland deep snow
Iceland Interesting

Pictures from the Deepest Snowfall in Iceland

In February 2017, the most snow was recorded in Iceland. It covered church, streets, houses, cars, and people who were walking outside. These photos will show you how it looked when snowfall covered all the places. The previous record snowfall was 55 cm in January 1937. The thickness of the snow was around 51 centimeters (January 2017).
Interesting Singapore

35 Stunning Photos of Singapore You’ve Never Seen Before

A photographer named Yik Keat captures the modern and futuristic city through his lens. He was raised in the city-state of Singapore. Luckily that small place has a lot of buildings with beautiful architecture which are influenced by many cultures.  All those photos of his homeland surely will amaze you! One of the famous landmarks, Marina Bay Sands.
Interesting Poland

Enjoying Summer in an Amazing Fairy Tale – Lublin

How about learning this traditional game? Or maybe it would be a good idea to learn a unique and interesting regional instrument. Don't forget to buy some handicrafts while exploring Lublin. If you get an opportunity to make your own handicraft, don't waste it!   All of these spectacular events shouldn't be missed. So, prepare yourself to ...
Best Food Interesting

Top 10 Spiciest Dishes in the World

Let’s begin with a simple question — what do you mean by good and tasty food? Taste varies from person to person, but a common answer could be "one where the ingredients are cooked properly, the spices are well balanced and just by taking a spoonful you feel your spirit soar." But what happens if the ...
solo europe
Europe Inspirations Interesting

A Guide to Traveling Europe Alone for the Female Traveler

European countries are amazing and interesting, waiting to be explored. Let's see other reasons why you should travel Europe alone this year. 1. Getting Around is Easy Peasy As we told you before, European countries are amazing. They have their own unique identity, interesting culture, tasty food, and great history. Even though there are around 50 ...
Surf Hostel
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Beautiful Surf Hostels Around the World

Most hostels come with interesting activities, cool decor, and a great location. Some are in the middle of the city, in the mountains, or even on the beach with many coconut trees around. All are  built to meet the needs of different types of travelers. For travelers who love to surf, a surf hotel is perfect for ...