Aleutian Islands
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Exploring The Virgin Beauty Of Planet Earth

Puerto Balandra, Baja California Sur, Mexico . Puerto Balandra. The Puerto Balandra is a strikingly scenic coastline featuring eight beaches, red mountains, and a lagoon. The water in the lagoon is a clear turquoise in color and is ideal for diving. It is home to a wide variety of colorful marine life, including hundreds of different ...
Cancun Underwater Museum
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10 Stunning Underwater Wonders

A very interesting thing about these walls is that they tend to change their shape over time. Gypsum is prone to change because of erosion from air and water. Because of this it can be said that the Orda Cave looks very different now than it did even 10 years ago.   9. Discover incredible marine life ...
Crater Lake National Park – Oregon
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39 Incredible Photos of Places Around the Globe You Must Visit

You also get to witness interesting wildlife species including wolves, elks, antelopes and bison. Live on the romantic edge at Yosemite National Park – California . Yosemite National Park. You could maybe decide to be this dreamy couple living on the very edge of the gorgeous cliff in Yosemite. The terrain just beyond is an absolute ...

1950s Photos Show How Babies Traveled On Airplanes

There are a lot of heated discussions about babies on-board airplanes, and whether or not parents should give candies to other passengers. However, one thing is certain – airlines have to try to be as pleasant as possible for every traveler, including the babies. According to rare photos from 1953, attempts to provide the best flying ...
Aerial View of Borobodur
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The 10 Largest Temples in the World

Magnificent architecture, rich history and a gigantic presence – visit any famous religious shrine in any part of the world, and you’d find these three things in  common. And this is what makes it difficult to select the world’s largest temples. Even the Guinness World Record claiming the Akshardham Temple of India as the largest is disputed.
budapest fog
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When The Fog Makes Budapest Look Even More Perfect

A Hungarian-based photographer, Tamas Rizsavi, captured Budapest when the beautiful city was covered by fog. Budapest is the largest city of Hungary. Travelers around the world  add this city to their bucket list due to its beauty. Like cities in other European countries, this city has many buildings with magnificent architecture. The fog really makes it ...
Slackline Festival in Monte Piana
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Slackline Festival in Monte Piana

But if you feel bored because you are doing nothing, don't worry! This festival also offers other interesting things to do.  You can also join awesome musical jam sessions or a yoga workshop. Doing yoga with this amazing view surely will make you more relax.   Source: Bored Panda ...
Chocolate Soufflé
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20 of the Best French Desserts of All Time

Think of France and often the first thought is of wine and perfume. But do you know that France is equally famous for their sweets? Yes, the French people have perfected the art of making delectable pastries, fruit tarts and crème pâtissières. Everything else takes a backseat when you take a bite into one of those ...
frozen wave
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Coldest Winter Turns Ocean Waves Into Frozen Waves

Jonathan Nimerfroh is the man behind these photos of frozen waves in Nantucket, Massachusetts. When he was on his daily surf check, he saw that the horizon look strange. He decided to go to the top of the dunes and the view was amazing. He saw that, beginning about 300 yards away from the shoreline, the ocean ...
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Zalipie – Beautiful Village Full of Flower Paintings

Are you wondering where this beautiful village is? Well, we will tell you about it. The village's name is Zalipie. It is a small Polish village located in the southeast of Poland, and it's covered in flower paintings. It's started when somebody painted a flower on their ceiling in the 1800s. The stove and bad ventilation ...