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11 Most Frightening Tourist Attractions

While most vacationers would prefer a comfortable luxury ship cruise or a relaxed poolside cocktail, a few others love their voyages just a little spiced up —"Frightening" is the word the rest of us would use. These are  definitely not for the travelers wishing for peaceful stays at peaceful tour locations.They are for adrenaline junkies who will let ...
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Top Outdoor Activities in Ohio

Caving is one of the best adventures in Ohio. There are many caverns scattered throughout the state. These allow you to explore the underground world of Ohio. So, what is located under these caves? If you go to the Ohio Caverns, you will see stalagmites and stalactites made up of crystal. The caves were created by ...

Top 10 Whitewater Rafting Destinations In The World

Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Utah . Rafting on the Grand Canyon in the Colorado River. The Colorado River spans for over 226 miles. Because of its length and its powerful rapids, it is one the most coveted rafting destinations in the world. While rafting at the river, in the midst of all the water and wilderness, ...
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7 Best Adventures That Must Make Your Bucket List

A recent study by Amazing Places Deal Experts revealed the top adventures that you couldn't believe can actually happen at the top spots all around the globe. From scuba-diving in the company of great white sharks in San Francisco to an absolutely petrifying leap at the Victoria Falls Bridge in Zambia, you have this electrifying list of ...
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Top 10 Shocking Adventures In USA

Take a Dip in Hamilton Pool, Texas . Hamilton Pool. There is something about taking a cool, refreshing dip in a large pool. The experience is even better when the pool is a natural one. The Hamilton Pool is a natural pool which was created because of a  ground collapse. It is a favorite attraction among ...
The World's Biggest Tomato Fight At Tomatina Festival 2013...BUN
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8 Exciting Things To Do In Spain

If you've run out of things to include in your bucket list, one recommendation would be to take a trip to Spain and have the time of your life. Spain has everything you can ask for in a place – warm climate, beautiful beaches perfect for chilling sessions or sporty activities, impressive architecture and works of ...
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Top Adventure Vacations Of South America

Go whale watching at the Peninsula Valdes, Argentina . Peninsula Valdes. The Peninsula Valdes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is very rich in wildlife and is a protected area. The lagoons at the peninsula are the domain of whales, specifically the Southern Right Whale. They come to the surface of the water during the day ...
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10 Stunning Underwater Wonders

10. See the Orda Cave at Ural Mountains, Russia . Diving in Orda Cave. The Orda Cave is a system of crystal gypsum caves stretching under the Ural Mountains in Russia. It is one of the longest series of caves on earth. The water surrounding the caves offers crystal clear clarity because of the mineral surroundings.