Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University
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10 Top Places to Look Out For When You Visit Connecticut  

Connecticut is a mystic northeastern US state, straddling the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions. The Constitution State blends coastal vibes with the remote villages in the inner small towns. It also houses historical seaport museums filled with once-famous ships and whale exhibits. Most notable is the world-famous Yale University. While it’s one of the world’s best ...
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Best Day Trip Destinations From Orlando

9. Crystal River Manatees . Manatees of Crystal River. The manatees of Florida are lovingly known as sea cows. They stay and swim inside the Crystal River, which is just 90 minutes from Orlando. The tours are led by wildlife experts and it includes coming face to face with these huge marine creatures. Each of them ...
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Top 10 Incredibly Exhilarating Cruises In The World

Experience idyllic life at Staithes, North Yorkshire, UK . Staithes, North Yorkshire, UK. At one time, Staithes was the most important port in northeastern Britain.  If you travel to Staithes today, you will feel like it’s still stuck at the same place. The houses are nothing short of historic looking and are huddled inside narrow alleys.
Amazon rainforest, Ecuador
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Top Adventure Vacations Of South America

Go whale watching at the Peninsula Valdes, Argentina . Peninsula Valdes. The Peninsula Valdes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is very rich in wildlife and is a protected area. The lagoons at the peninsula are the domain of whales, specifically the Southern Right Whale. They come to the surface of the water during the day ...