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Must-Visit Attractions of the Tropical Paradise of Bali

Located in the Indian Ocean, the Indonesian island of Bali is one of the most popular island destinations in the world.  The Island of the Gods is one of the 17500 islands of Indonesia and draws nearly 3 million tourists annually from all corners of the globe. Bali is popular for its beautiful sandy beaches, distinctly ...
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10 Places You Should Visit in Indonesia

Indonesia is known as the world’s largest archipelago. It has wonderful natural attractions, from underwater life to the peak of the mountain. When visiting Indonesia, most tourists come to Bali,the most popular destination. But you need to know Bali is the only small piece of the wonderful Indonesia. There are a lot of destinations that should be ...
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Indonesia: For Lovers of Culture and Nature

As an archipelago country with abounding culture and heritage sites, Indonesia is always a favorite destination for tourists. Some people even say that you need to live twice to explore Indonesia.  This country is a perfect destination for those who love culture and nature. If you can enjoy both, why you should choose one of them? From ...
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Affordable Safaris Beyond Africa

Indonesia As a tropical country, Indonesia is famous for its rainforests and wild animals. Borneo is the best place to see orangutans, birds, and other animals. There is a national park named Tanjung Puting National Park where you can get around the jungle on foot or by boat. The safaris are less than $150 a day, but ...
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Top 10 Incredibly Beautiful Islands Of Asia

Let us take a look at the top islands in Asia.   Gili Islands, Indonesia . The Gili Islands are a perfect holiday destination for all ages. The beaches are powdery white and the water is a clear blue in color. There are of course water sports like diving and snorkeling on offer. Sunbathing and bar ...
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Top 10 Spiciest Dishes in the World

Pair your Wot with spongy Ethiopian bread to give some respite to your tongue.   Otak-Otak, Indonesia . Otak-Otak. Indonesian foods can be real fiery. If you don’t believe it, try Otak-Otak. A spicy grilled or steamed fish cake, Otak-Otak is popular in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The dish is prepared from minced fish blended with ...
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Beautiful Surf Hostels Around the World

Farm Hostel, Canggu, Indonesia . photo by @hannahbauh & @aryovth. As a surfer, you will definitely love this archipelago country. Indonesia has many beautiful islands which will give you amazing surf experience. One of beautiful surfer hostels is Farm Hostel, located in Canggu, Bali Island and surrounded by Bali's greenest-looking rice fields. You only need 3-minute ...