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Hungary – 10 Must-See Attractions

While thinking of visiting Hungary, most people only think of Budapest. While it is true that the capital city offers many beautiful attractions, there are plenty of other tourist attractions to explore in Hungary. Hungary, as a country, offers every possible experience a tourist can hope for. So whether it is hiking that you are looking for, or wildlife, Hungary is for you. It is also the place to visit if you are fond of castles, caves, bridges and scenic lakes.


  1. Hortobagy National Park

The Hortobagy National Park was the first national park of Hungary. It was founded in the year 1973 and was the country’s first protected area. Now, the national park is home to more than 342 species of birds and other animals. It is also the largest semi-natural grassland of Europe. The alkaline steppe located inside the park goes back to the Ice Age. The latter is still frequented by oxen, water buffaloes and horses. Other than the animals, one of the biggest attractions inside the park is the “Nine-Arch Bridge”. Another popular attraction is the Kareag Windmill. Both of these attractions date back to the 19th century.


  1. Visegrad Royal Palace

The Visegrad Royal Palace is located in the town of Visegrad. However, it is mostly in ruins today. The remains of this palace and the neighboring citadel can be explored on a day trip from Budapest. A visit to these attractions require quite a bit of walking, so you should be prepared accordingly. The imposing ruins of the palace were discovered somewhere around the 1930s. In addition to offering a beautiful historical experience, the palace has excellent views of the Danube Bend and its surrounding areas.


  1. Lillafüred Caves

Lillafüred is a popular spa town in Hungary.  In addition, it is also quite famous for its caves. Two of the most popular caves are the Istvan Cave and the Petofi Cave. The latter is world famous because of the impressions of a plant species which went extinct thereafter. If you are looking for something more adventurous, then there is the Szeleta Cave, which contains ice age relics like spears and arrows.


  1. Heviz

If soaking in warm water is your idea of relaxation, then you don’t need to look beyond Heviz. It is home to a large thermal lake which refreshes on its own every 3 and a half days. The temperature of the water varies between 25 to 35 degrees, making it ideal for a nice swim. There are plenty of resorts nearby for staying overnight. Other than the thermal lake, there is a forest in Heviz which is perfect for hiking.


  1. Aggtelek National Park

The Aggtelek National Park is a little different from other national parks. Not only is it a great destination for spelunkers, it is also home to the Baradla Cave, the largest stalactic cave of Europe. The cave is so long that 8 kilometers of it is in neighboring Slovakia. The national park offers guided tours which are customized according to physical capabilities of tourists. Some parts of the park are inaccessible to tourists because of its protected status.


  1. Lake Balaton

Your idea of lakes might change completely after a visit to the mighty Lake Balaton. It is so big in size that sometimes it is referred to as the Hungarian Sea. The lake is a popular getaway for both locals and tourists during summer months. Many of the beaches surrounding the lake are covered with natural grass, in addition to some man-made sand beaches. If you get bored of staring at the enormousness of the lake, then you can consider exploring nearby attractions like Badascony (wine producing region) or the Festetics Castle.


  1. Eger Castle

Hungary is home to many palaces, forts and castles, each with its own glorious history. One of the most popular among these is the Eger Castle, which is located in Eger. Eger is a small spa town located towards the south of the Bukk mountain range. Eger Castle was mainly built with the purpose of protecting the northern part of Hungary. The Turks took over the castle in 1596 and made several renovations and extensions. Now, visitors can visit the magnificent ruins of the castle, along with its only remaining sections — the towers.


  1. Views over the Danube

It can be easily said that the name Danube is synonymous with the name of Hungary. The picturesque river passes through Budapest, slicing through Buda and Pest. The Freedom Bridge over the Danube is one of the most favorite local spots for enjoying views of Buda and Pest, on the two banks of the river. Another great place for enjoying sweeping views is the Danube Bend. This is where the river bends towards the Visegrad range of mountains. The Danube Bend is popular with hikers, picnickers and nature lovers.


  1. Chain Bridge

The Chain Bridge might just remind you of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. However, it was actually inspired from the Marlow Bridge across the River Thames in England. The bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks in the city of Budapest. It was built with the purpose of connecting Buda and Pest, two parts of the capital city. The bridge was re-worked and broadened in the year 1913 owing to increase in traffic. The official name of the bridge is Széchenyi Chain Bridge. It was almost destroyed by Germans in 1945 and had to be rebuilt. You can walk the bridge in the daytime to enjoy panoramic views of the city. After sundown, it is beautifully lit up.


  1. Buda Castle

The Buda Castle is often one of the reasons Budapest is compared with Paris. Once you visit the castle, you will certainly know why. The Buda Castle was built in the 18th century and is presently a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Majestic in size and beautiful in design, it sits at the site of another palace which was destroyed. The castle has more than two hundred rooms and domes facing the beautiful Danube. Must-see attractions within the castle include the south tower and the Buzogany tower.

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