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How to Spend Two Awesome Weeks in Germany

It’s no doubt Germans pride themselves of some of the most exquisite pieces of engineering works. From Mercedes-Benzes, Audis, Volkswagen, Porsche to BMW, German machines are by far the world-beaters. Well I wanted to set out to know how German the German trains could get. Can’t be any better than the already-renowned magnificence in the motor-vehicle world, can it? It was only a matter of time before I got the answers. Hopefully I don’t leave Deutschland a disappointed lad.

Arriving in Germany

Arriving at the busiest airport in Germany (Fourth busiest in Europe),  Frankfurt Airport, I could already feel the life here. The airport traces its history to several years back. Surrounded by the Frankfurt City Forest that extends to cover all around Frankfurt-Flughafen, this century-old airport offers immense sights of great historical significance. To the south of the Airport lies Rhein-Main Air base, used by the USA as an airbase since after World War II up until 2005.


Then there’s Terminal Mitte at the airport, also Terminal 1 which has up to 56 gates with an electric system for handling luggage. Down the terminal, the Germany’s great Frankfurt Main Train Station. Here I stand alongside a sea of humanity, all races and religions, in their thousands, all eager to book their tickets to wherever destinations. Wired with high-speed Wi-Fi services and with telephone booths all around the luxurious waiting lounges, this is surely a tourist-loving station or so I thought.

I booked my first Class ticket for the next day to Cologne for $72. I would then opt to go to bed early and save myself for the next day.

Inter City Express 604

Waking up early the next day wasn’t a hard choice, fully ready for Germany’s Inter City Express 604. The first class is simply extraordinary. Freedom redefined, sufficient legroom and an elegant furnishing. Occupants are however a little too quiet for my liking. This should be a fun tour anyway, right? I decide to busy myself with the in-seat radio and my laptop.

Koln – Germany

We arrived in Koln, Germany, exactly 1 hour 3 minutes later. The next train leaves Koln Hbf at 1309 hrs local time so I’ve got well over 4 hours to capture the magic in Koln. The region in Germany from which colognes were founded, or is it? ‘Kolnisch Wasser’ which means ‘Cologne water’ was the origin of Eau de Cologne at house number 4711, made as early as 1799. Who could skip a chance to visit such architectural magnifique?

Time was flying way too fast for my liking. Midday already and I had to wind-up my escapades at house number 4711, take sufficient pictures and videos and run to catch the lunchtime Train-line. I made sure to pick one miniature cologne from the Glockengasse in Germany itself.


Next stop was Hamburg. I won’t punish myself with that boredom in first class this time. So I had my $89 second class ticket checked and was directed to my seat by this ever-smiling German beauty and her rusty English in a heavy German ascent. This was much livelier now – just like I wanted. I struggled with my broken German but I was understood just okay, though guys grew hysterical about my accent.

The forest cover was a sight to behold. The friends I acquired made sure to point out all the important stops. Wolfsburg, Hanover, Bremen were just but the few.

In Hamburg

After four exciting hours of song and dance, talk and more talk, we finally arrived at Hamburg. There was no train for Berlin until the next day. This would mean a short trip to the extraordinaire Teufelbruck- Elbstrand in Nienstedten. Just unbelievable sight of the sunset. I wanted to stay in this moment forever. But no, I didn’t come here for that.

Berlin- Germany’s Capital

That 2-hour, $35 train ride the following day toward Berlin seemed like no more than 10 minutes. My German was improving, the train was comfortable and I wasn’t complaining a bit. There was so much to catch up with in such short time. Forests, water falls; I wanted to capture it all in a beyond-100mph-train. Hard luck!
German Historical Museum, Jewish Museum, Alte Nationalgarie, Bode Museum; I was staying in museums for my next week in the German capital. What better place and way to learn Germany’s rich heritage! I spent a cumulative total of $174 just touring Berlin for the week, no regrets at all.

En-route to Augsburg And Munich

A week and 2 days later and I had to take a train towards Augsburg. Seen enough now surely, hadn’t ? I was asleep most of the 7-hour journey but was occasionally woken by the noisy neighbor, a few seats away. He clearly had had enough liquor, seemed aged but again he wasn’t taking any of it from anyone. He didn’t speak German clearly, maybe French? Dude, really, did I part with $130 for this? The ticket price must have pinched me a little this time, or was it really the noisy brother irking me this much?
We ended up in Augsburg all worn out and now only missing home. Couldn’t wait to arrive in Munich the next morning and take my flight back home with so much to tell, some by word of mouth as my video recorder ran out of storage midway through the journey.

Home is Calling

The final 32 minutes between Germany’s towns Augsburg and Munich was much more of a relief that it had ended. I should have come with company really. There wasn’t any strength left to last another second in Munich. Then the voice of optimism came ringing; next time bro, next time.

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