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Hidden Gems of Spain – Off the Beaten Track

Spain is one of one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and is visited by millions of tourists every year. Whenever we speak of Spain, there are only a few destinations that come to mind — Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville, and Ibiza leading that list. However, Spain has a lot more to offer than only these popular tourist hot spots. In fact, these big cities only give a partial picture of the beauty and culture of Spain. In this blog, we look into some of the stunningly beautiful smaller towns that can be explored off the beaten track. You will not only enjoy the freshness of these places but also have a chance to enjoy the unique culture of Spain more closely.


5. Besalu

Besalu is small town located near the French border, about 130 km north of Barcelona. This Catalan gem looks like a picture perfect setting from a fairy tale with its medieval architecture. A medieval bridge and long stretches of cobble stoned streets will transform you to the days of the past. However, once you start exploring this town, you will notice another interesting feature — its strong Jewish heritage. Not only is there a Jewish synagogue, but also a Jewish bath house — one of the very few surviving bath houses from that period in the whole of Europe!


4. Frigilina

The town of Frigilina is located on the southern coastline of Spain, about 60 km east of Malaga, which means it has inviting weather throughout the year — even during the freezing winter months. This picture-perfect town has whitewashed houses perched on the slopes of the green mountains overseeing the Alboran Sea. This artsy town has been voted as one of the prettiest in Spain in several polls and you will not be wondering why once you set foot here. There are plenty of rooftop cafes and bars in Frigilina where you can enjoy a sip of Sangria and enjoy the amazing views.


3. Lekeitio

The town of Lekeitio is located on the northern coastline of Spain, almost halfway between Bilbao and San Sebastian.  Originally a sleepy fishing village, this town is a perfect place to visit to enjoy the culture and food of the Basque region. The stunning scenery is an added bonus that cannot be overlooked.  In between visiting the beaches and the Gothic basilica, take some time off to visit the local bars and restaurants to explore the local cuisine.


2. Ronda

This is a place for history lovers. Located about 100 km from Malaga, and about 160 km from Frigilina, the town of Ronda can be divided into 2 parts — the Moorish section and the later Renaissance section dating back to the 15th century CE. Ronda was built on top of a plateau from where one can enjoy the beautiful sights of the canyon landscape. The two sections of the town — with its distinctive culture and flavor — are connected by a stone bridge. Interestingly, Ronda has one of the best preserved Arabian baths in the whole of Spain. If you have time, and are a bit of a history nerd, head off about 25 km from Ronda to visit an ancient Roman amphitheater.


  1. Soller

Soller is an island located about 300 km east of the coast of Valencia. The island is well connected by ferries from different parts of Spain. However, you can also hop onto a flight to Soller if you want to cut down on your travel time. Although Soller is located quite close to the island of Ibiza, the beach scene here has more of a European charm as opposed to the hardcore party environment of its neighbor. This is an ideal place to visit if you are looking for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. While soaking yourself in the warm rays of the sun, go ahead and try the delicious sea food this island has to offer. And of course, do not forget to post some photos of the place to make your coworkers jealous!


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