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Forget About Venice: Here are 5 Beautiful Canal Destinations, Without the Crowds

Canals have a particular charm for tourists. The way the water meanders and the way the boat gracefully floats are beautiful sights, waiting to be explored and experienced.

When we think of a destination with a canal, we immediately think of the Italian city of Venice. Sure, the winding waterways with the iconic gondolas and arching bridges are good to visit, but some 60,000 tourists go to the tiny streets of Venice every day. The crowds can really take away the beauty of the experience.

No need to worry: there are alternative canal towns around the world that are equally beautiful. Below are some of them.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand

Some people might think that Bangkok is just all about the glistening golden temples and the cheap shopping. If you want to discover more of the laidback side of the Thai capital, it is well-recommended that you do a tour of the inner tributaries of the Chao Phraya River on board a long tail boat. You will see picturesque houses on stilts, old bridges, elaborate temples and floating markets that all show what living in Thailand really is all about.

  1. Alleppey, India

On the surface, this tiny city in the southern Indian state of Kerala looks as chaotic as the rest of the country. However, once you venture into the backwaters of Kerala, all of this chaos will seem far away. Hop on one of the famous houseboat cruises and you’ll be treated to green rice fields, tropical trees, and different types of animals like otters and turtles. There’s also beauty in the simplicity of village life that you will see once on board the boat. It’s no wonder that this place has earned the title of “Venice of the East.”

  1. El Gouna, Egypt

Our idea of Egypt might be all desert and pyramids, but located in the western coast of the Red Sea is a real life mirage. This breathtaking resort is the brainchild of a local property developer, who was able to transform a piece of the desert into a place with azure waters, fine sand beaches and even a golf course. On the shore, you can also see sand-colored traditional houses, designed with Tuscan titles and Nubian domes. This is one place in Egypt you must see if you’re planning to go there.

  1. Bruges, Belgium

Once serving as protection against invaders and as an economic link to the North Sea, the canals of this medieval town in Belgium are now major tourist draws. You will definitely feel like you’re seeing a fairy tale book come alive when you ride a boat along these photogenic canals, with historic churches and towers soaring in the skyline. To avoid the crowd, it is well recommended to visit the canals of Bruges midweek, or spend the night in this magnificent town.

  1. Giethoorn, Netherlands

If you’re going to visit only one canal town in your lifetime, this is the place to check out. This Dutch village, located in northwestern Europe, has a 50-mile canoe trail that is particularly beautiful during summertime. The picturesque canoe trail is lined with cute thatched cottages, arched bridges and lush greenery. During winter, when the canal turns icy, you can also explore the area on skates.

Venice is not the only place in the world you can go to for lovely canals. There are other places across the globe that can give you different kinds of experiences while cruising through the gracefully winding waters of canals.

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