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Flying First Class on Cathay Pacific: these exquisite photos show what it feels like

To you high-class rollers wishing to fly first-class on the most exquisite airlines around today, we present to you Cathay Pacific. The 4th best airline in the world last year according to Skytrax aviation presents you with unmatched interiors and top-class services. Moreover you get inside one of the highest quality and cleanest airlines around the entire globe. Cathay Pacific was also named the best business class airline of the year 2015 by AirlineRatings.com.

The Hong Kong=based airline additionally offers top-level in-flight entertainment and matchless seat comfort. It’s even better when you realized the first class cabins were only recently refurbished with absolutely top-notch niceties.

We display these never before seen snapshots of what life feels like boarding first class in the luxurious Cathay Pacific and the flag carrier of Hong Kong.

Cathay Pacific’s Classy Silver exteriors

Cathay Pacific’s Classy Silver Exteriors

Book your first class flight in the elegant silver-colored Cathay Pacific Airbuses with the lovely Hong Kong flag.

Revolutionary passengers’ own check-in area

Revolutionary passengers’ own check-in area

At Hong Kong International Airport, the first class travelers have their own electronic check-in area for Cathay Pacific airlines. This serves to ensure you are not dragged into the endless queues at the public check-ins. In the other airports


, you get a fast-track check-in lane to also be sure you are served quick and easy. You may register with up to 50kgs luggage for free.

Cathay Pacific First Class lounge

Recently Refurbished First Class Lounge at Heathrow

To give the clear picture, Cathay Pacific last year won the best first class airline lounge award presented by SkyTrax. This would only mean Cathay’s dedicated first class lounge is simply the very best (obviously) and you are in for some true delight.

Most notably, the one at Heathrow was recently revamped with a magnificent golden theme and marvelously comfortable couches. It also separates the first class and business class areas.

The Dining Room at the First Class Lounge

Dinning In Cathay Pacific Lounge Hong Kong

The spacious dining room at Heathrow welcomes you to newly-set sumptuous on-order international dishes. Picture delicious pancakes, sumptuous drumsticks and egg royale served to your order. You also have tasty dinner options including beef fillet or mouthwatering hot broth stuffed with wonton-wrapper noodles. A welcome mature wine add-on finally completes the trick.

The Hong Kong First Class Lounge’s dining is probably even better. The recently refurbished lounge offers impressive and thoroughly appetizing internationally recognized delicacies.

The Pantry – Heathrow First class Lounge

Heathrow's "The Pantry"



If in a rush, the Pantry at Heathrow offers Cathay Pacific first class travelers with quick fixes that you can simply and swiftly grab-and-go.

Full-service Bar in the Lounge

Full-service Bar in the Lounge

You may grab a drinkat the fully serviced classy bar at any of the Cathay Pacific’s first class lounges before you set flight. You may choose from a whole range of well-preserved drinks including timeless wines and champagnes.

Boarding Cathay Pacific First Class

Boarding Cathay Pacific First Class

When the time arrives, a lovely and friendly attendant guides you all the way to your suite. You can come aboard with a small bag weighing up to almost two and a half stones. The gorgeously dressed attendant is all smiley almost all the time as she assists you get your way to your cabin.

Inside the First Class Cabin of the Cathay Pacific

Inside the First Class Cabin

Arriving at your cabin gives the ultimate first-class feel. You are presented with a full ‘room’ to yourself lined with a dazzling soft leather seat, a 17-inch LED TV Screen and an ample space for your belongings. The cabin is also decorated with handmade sculptures from renowned artists.

Amenities Case Cathay First Class

In your suite, you will further find a full gift pack with all the necessary and luxury amenities wrapped beautifully in a case. It features lip creams, face creams, toothpaste, mouthwash hand cream, hairbrush and other necessities. Oh, and the toilet you’ll use them in is also as first-class as the new amenities supplied to you here.

The First-Class Menu on board

Delicious Roast Duck Noodle Soup

From dim sum to roast duck noodle soup, the a le carte menu entails anything and everything that suits your appetites and status.

Adjustable Table For Two

Also do note that the meal table is modifiable to suit a couple’s dinner for two. Finally drain the sumptuous meals down with a drink of your own picking. You’ve also got Krul champagne and caviar in the house!

Bed-time sleepy head

Bed-time sleepy head

The magic happens at night when your seat folds into a fully flat bed with a pure cotton duvet, soft cushions and dense mattress. The lights are also customized specifically for you and you can switch it off anytime you want. Better still, you are not even left alone to struggle with the unfolding and spreading of the bed. That lovely lady is once again there for you asking how she may assist.

All-cotton Sleep Suit

You are also provided with a lovely all-cotton sleep-suit including a shirt, pants, eye-shade and slippers.

Sink your joys in the champagne as you listen to your music on the arm side console. When your eyes are heavy enough, comfortably retire to the dream-lands.



Images by Business Insider

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