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A Guide to Traveling Europe Alone for the Female Traveler

Calling all the female travelers! We all know traveling alone is  challenging, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Traveling alone in Europe isn’t that difficult. It will be easier as long as you are well-prepared. Keep this in your mind: No matter where you’re going, being well-prepared is a must. Try to get as much information about your destination as possible. So, to help you to make your dreams comes true, here are some tips and recommendation for traveling Europe alone.

Why Should You Travel Europe Alone in 2017?

You might be wondering why Europe and not other continents? It because Europe is a perfect continent for your travel destination. European countries are amazing and interesting, waiting to be explored. Let’s see other reasons why you should travel Europe alone this year.

1. Getting Around is Easy Peasy

Travel Europe Alone

As we told you before, European countries are amazing. They have their own unique identity, interesting culture, tasty food, and great history. Even though there are around 50 countries in Europe,  it’s easy to get around and move between countries. You can explore cities by using  public transportation, bicycle, or your own two feet. Their cycle routes and pedestrianized zones are great. Finding a bike rental is also easy because many hostels usually offer it.

2. It’s Cheaper Than You Think

Travel Europe Alone

If you think traveling alone in Europe is expensive, you might be wrong. Europe is a popular destination, so you can find great travel deals with some research. You can move between countries by using a low-cost airline or bus. Choosing the train as your transportation could be a bit expensive in some places like in Western Europe. Buying train tickets on the day-of is also expensive. But if you choose a sleeper train, it will save you money on a night accommodation. If it is possible, don’t travel in the peak season, but do buy local foods and choose to stay in a hostel dorm rather than in a hotel. Europe also offers you many cool activities for free like free museums in London. In the end, you won’t spend much money on your Europe trip.

3. You’ll Meet So Many Other Inspiring Solo Travelers

Travel Europe Alone

Don’t forget to also keep this in mind: Traveling alone doesn’t mean you’ll be lonely. You aren’t the only one who travels alone in this world. There are many solo travelers out there who are open-minded and want to make friends with other travelers during their journey. Be confident and you could find your new friends all over the world.

4. Europe’s Hostels are A Dream For Solo Travelers

Travel Europe Alone

There are over 5000 hostels in Europe of various size and shapes. If this is your first solo trip and you just don’t feel comfortable sharing a room with other people, you can choose a female-only dorm room. Many hostels also offer private rooms. Choose whatever makes you comfortable. Other great things about hostels are their events and hostel bar. Some hostel offers free yoga lessons, walking tours, surf lessons, cooking class, and other events.

5. You’ll Pick Up The Lingo As You Go

Since Europe is composed of many countries, Europe has many languages as well. But don’t worry. You can still survive in the big cities as long as you can speak simple English. Don’t forget to download some useful apps like Google Translate and learn some basic phrases before you go.

Is it Safe for Solo Female Travel in Europe?

Travel Europe Alone

You might still feel in doubt about travel Europe alone, even after reading all the reasons above. Europe is a safe continent that is worth it  to visit. As long as you are well-prepared, your trip is going to be okay. Pay attention to these top safety tips:

  • Always book your airport transfer or taxi in advance. It is safer than choosing random transportation right after you arrive.
  • Don’t carry too much cash money, and keep your emergency credit card in your sock.
  • Always update one or two people from home about your whereabouts and give them the number of your hostel.
  • Trust your instincts about strangers.
  • Remember the EU-wide emergency services number. The number is 112 and it will connect you to police, ambulance, or fire brigade.

Where to Go?

It might be hard for you to choose which country you will visit, because there are many Europe countries. To help you to choose the countries, here are the top destinations for traveling alone in Europe.

1. Scotland

Travel Europe Alone

Scotland offers breathtaking landscapes, great history, and a friendly atmosphere. You can explore Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, on foot. It easy to explore and you’ll find the grand castle in the center. But if you prefer to explore nature, you can head to the North Scotland. Their highlands are amazing.

2. Italy

Travel Europe Alone

This country is a perfect destination for those who love ancient architecture, beaches, and cuisine. Moving between cities is also easy, since they have reliable rail network. So, there is no reason not to love this country.

3. Ireland

Another top destination in Europe is Ireland. It offers amazing coastal views and colorful villages. Dublin, the largest city in Ireland, is one of the most popular cities among travelers. It is safe, affordable, accessible, and perfect for solo female travelers.

4. The Netherlands

The Netherlands is also an accessible country. This country has good public transportation which will help you to explore the country. As a solo female traveler, the quality of public transportation is important for you. Another option is renting bicycles to get around the country.

5. Poland

Poland is also one of budget friendly countries in Europe. Take a walking tour through the cities of Krakow and Warsaw to learn more about the history and impact of WW2. For public transportation, you can choose to travel by train because it is easy and safe. The hostels in Poland are cheap too.

6. Iceland

Travel Europe Alone

Though this country is separated from the mainland of Europe, Iceland is also one of the favorite countries among travelers. Their crime rates are low which are great for solo female travelers. You can share the cost with your hostel friend to rent a car and explore this country together. This country is full of many hidden gems with an amazing landscape.



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