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Feel Forever Summer in the Top 10 Countries with the Best Resorts in the World

Do you like the feeling of the sun on your skin? Of fine white sand on the soles of your feet? Of the salty taste of the sea in your mouth? You should definitely be spending more time at the beach.

Some countries are lucky to have been gifted with the most amazing beach resorts. These resorts with the sand, sea, sun and sky are ideal for those who just want to relax and forget all their worries in life. Here are some of nations of the world with the most beautiful resorts.

10. Montenegro

This charming Balkan country looks like something straight out of a postcard, with its rugged mountains and medieval villages. What makes this destination even more magical, however, is its breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea. Elegant beach resorts line the coast of Montenegro. One example of a posh resort you can check out when you visit this country is Villa Montenegro, where you can have fantastic views of the sea and the golden sunset while enjoying all of its high-end and comfortable facilities.

9. Nicaragua

This Central American nation is a showcase of colonial opulence, with its architecturally impressive churches and colorful stone houses. The beauty of Nicaragua, however, is more pronounced in its beaches — lined with calming palm trees and fine white sand. Go to Morgan’s Rock Hacienda and Ecolodge if you want to fully experience tropical comfort in Nicaragua, while practicing sustainable ways to run a resort. The lodges here are tucked intp the forest and provide exotic views of the sea, making you feel you are truly one with nature.

8. South Africa

Nothing beats the exotic vibe of South Africa. It has both the adrenalin-pumping feel of the safari, and the simple, laidback vibe of African beaches. For the full South African experience, check in at the Singita Lodges. Guests are treated to accommodations with a touch of the wilderness, but still with modern comforts and style. Aside from this, Singita Lodges help conserve the African safari by directing some of its earnings to protecting wildlife populations. Choosing this resort will help you relaxing while caring for the safari and the community.

7. China

China is not just all about the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and other remnants of this ancient civilization. In the southern part of this Asian giant is the island of Hainan, with picturesque views of the South China Sea. Stay at the Mandarin Oriental at Sanya for a chic but laid-back beach experience. You can watch the waves kiss the peach sand while you have a sumptuous dinner or sip some wine in this elegant resort.

6. Saint Lucia

Rugged views of volcanic spires, lush forests and the cool Carribean breeze — these are what the tiny island nation of Saint Lucia is all about. The atmosphere here is simple and down-to-earth, but still beautiful and undeniably close to nature. For a taste of luxury in Saint Lucia, stay at Ladera Resort. This well-designed hotel is the perfect spot to fully appreciate the Caribbean, while indulging in elegant comforts provided by its warm staff and high-end furniture.

5. Puerto Rico

No other island in the world can exude a strong Caribbean vibe as Puerto Rico. From centuries-old Baroque churches to coasts lined with swaying tropical palm trees, this island — part of US territory — is a feast for the eyes. If you want incomparable pampering and luxury during your stay in Puerto Rico, head to the Ritz-Carlton in San Juan. The beach and rooms here were designed for the ultimate comfort and relaxation.

4. United Arab Emirates

Whenever you look around in this affluent country in the Middle East, you will see symbols of grandeur. People here like their structures huge and imposing, and  resorts were also all developed to impress guests. Among the most popular resorts here is Atlantis at The Palm in Dubai, which is a water park and a hotel in one. The rooms are of unparalleled luxury, and guests are really treated like royalty.

3. Thailand

Thailand is a country with a distinct culture and cuisine that makes it a sure draw for tourists. On top of these, it also has photogenic beaches that can give serenity to those looking for it. An island with one of the most stunning beaches in Thailand is Ko Pha-Ngan, famous for parties held here during the full moon. There’s a Kupu Kupu resort here that offers a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Thailand, while taking you on a stylish retreat with an authentic Thai island experience.

2. French Polynesia

A visit to this destination will really make you think that heaven is really a place on earth. The pristine waters of the seas here provide infinite shades of blue, inviting you to bask in its beauty. Located on Huahine Island is the Royal Huahine Hotel, which is a perfect spot for honeymooners because of the privacy, beauty and romantic vibe it provides. The villas stand on stilts right at the sea, making you feel really one with the beautiful waters of this area.

1. The Philippines

When it comes to white sand beaches and crystal blue waters showered by tropical sunlight, the Philippines is undoubtedly the frontrunner. With over 7,100 islands, you can find a beautiful spot in almost every corner of this joyful Southeast Asian nation. For instance, there’s the Dedon Island Resort on the windy island of Siargao, where waves are good for surfing. For those who want to relax, you can just lie down in native-style huts and hammocks and just feel the summer breeze in this relaxing destination.

Summer may only come once a year, but you can definitely feel like it’s forever summer if you go to these countries and see these fantastic resorts for yourself.

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