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Berlin-based French finery

Photos of Feminine Beauty from Around the Globe

Exploring the power in feminine beauty requires an enthusiast capable of communicating beyond the mere confines of a pretty face. One who can eye the most natural women through the lens of the cameras to not only take the best shots but exhibit the true inner beauty.

Romanian photographer Miheala Noroc began a project four years ago that she named The Atlas of Beauty. Her key goal: to capture the true beauty of diversity.

She has since traveled to over 60 countries capturing some of the most innate portraits of women far and wide.

Scroll down to experience some of Noroc’s most intricate products.

Where it all began…

Noroc in Brazil
Noroc in Brazil

Noroc first came in contact with a camera at a tender age of 16. She there and then realized her interest in communicating for and to women through the lens. To affirm her interests she took portraits of her mother and sister.

The journey back

Omo Valley Indigenous Beauty
Natural African Beauty – Ethiopia

Despite the discouragement by the college lecturers from pursuing artistry professionally, what was meant to be would just be. A trip to Ethiopia reactivated her childhood desires. From here there really was only one way, up!

The Atlas of Beauty – Genesis

The Ravishing Icelandic Beauty Thorunn

Noroc began her project small, living  off her personal savings in her home country. The will was however very strong and the thinking very big.

Her Inspiration

Gorgeous Peruvian Beauty
Gorgeous Peruvian Beauty

Noroc’s chief drive was to provide the other side of the prevalent conflicts against women across the globe. Doing it through photography would be the real jewel! She would therefore present the side of women in the most intricate means possible.

Serenity and honesty

Cuban Beauty
Cuba’s beautiful Elianis of Havana

The portraits had to come out pure, pristine and most importantly honest. So much so you can actually read the hearts of the women featured, through their eyes.

Beauty in diversity

Culturally dressed North Korean Beauty
Culturally dressed North Korean Beauty

This was and still is Noroc’s motto. She observes that the differences in all of us should only but bring us together. Diversity is power and the more different we are, the more united we must become.

And not a source of conflict

Koleka from South Africa
Koleka from South Africa

We must embrace and adore rather than detest and loathe our diversity.  We must never thereby sink into conflicts simply because someone is culturally or otherwise different from us.

Thinking and going big

Russian Beauty Chechnya
Russian Beauty Chechnya

The Atlas of Beauty didn’t stay under the radar so long. Noroc’s project soon evoked interest from all around the world and her inbox was flooded with goodwill and support. She was at the same time expanding her travel bounds rapidly.

Pressure to deliver

Beauty inside a Rickshaw in India
Woman inside a Rickshaw in India’s Jodhpur

With great power comes ever greater responsibility and Noroc began to feel it a little more. The creativity involved in creating inspiration from a simple snapshot was overwhelming. She was however more than able to deal with that and she would send every unique message in unique styles.

Project goes global

Imane from Paris
Imane from Paris

Soon enough Noroc’s project secured funding from all over and before she knew it, she was on a full-time project.

Beauty Everywhere

Innocent Afghanistani Beauty
Innocent Afghanistani Beauty

She has gone to all the continents except the Antarctica while capturing the essence of womanhood. So different yet so similar!

…Up to the Amazon Forest and Kyrgyzstan

Beauty dressed in traditional Kyrgyzstan
Beauty dressed in traditional Kyrgyzstan outfit

She’s seen all the beauty in all the remote places of our planet, including the Tibetan Plateau.

True beauty lies under the makeup

Lovely Romanian Woman
Lovely Romanian Woman

Noroc’s real passion is to take portraits of natural women unspoiled with makeup and face enhancers. This is the true essence of our planet; natural and loving. Furthermore when we keep the enhancements down, our inside becomes more visible and pristine.

Because the eye always speaks volumes

Woman from Uzbekistan
Woman from Uzbekistan

It speaks our passions, fears, prides, love, hate, troubles and all our feelings. Diving into their eyes through the eye of the camera will portray the story that makes each of them interesting.

And the background says even more

Iranian Natural Beauty
Iranian Natural Beauty

Noroc tried to capture the environments as well to make the story complete. The background tells about culture and beliefs, likes and hates. It most importantly complements your story.

…Of your passions and preferences

Serena in her Parents
Serena in her Parents’ workshop

This strong beautiful woman Serena from Naples in Italy prefers to get hands-on in her parents’ workshop.

Of multilingual Beauty

Japanese Grandeur
Japanese Grandeur

Noroc’s ability to speak 5 different languages enabled her interact with beauties from all over the planet. She is therefore able to listen to and understand their story more.

And in some places no word is needed

Berlin-based French finery
Berlin-based French finery

The body language speaks more than enough. Like this German-based beauty, born in France to a French Father and a Mali-born Mother.

Beauty, she notes, is innate

Sarah from San Francisco
Sarah from San Francisco

True beauty is not driven by trends in fashion. It is when someone pierces your heart with her warm eyes.

Beauty is boundless

Tibetan Beauty - China
Tibetan Beauty – China

No amount of cosmetics, money or social class will guarantee you the intrinsic beauty. The largest trick however is being yourself at all times. It is so expensive trying to be anyone else, people. We must also allow others be themselves and not try hard to change what makes them.

And we are all part of one big family

Indian Beauty Sona
Sona at Holi Festival – India

Living together as one people demands tolerance no matter how different others may be. Living together a diverse people is the true essence of living anyway, the social cycle dictates so.

Geographically placed in the most culturally diverse places of earth

Beauty of Rio de Janeiro
Woman in Brazilian Flag

The subjects are accorded a chance to display the very best from their countries or culture.

This inspires confidence deep within the women…

Eleni of Greece
Eleni of Greece

Be confident in what you stand for and in what you are in the inside. Your inside will then warm the people around you and inspire your self-belief as a strong feminine beauty.

Despite the still prevalent discrimination

Harmless face from Mognolia
Harmless face from Mongolia

Discrimination against women is still rampant around the globe, as Noroc noted. However, women from across the globe are now strong in the face of inequality and can more than stand their own.

But she hopes for a change in heart

Elisabeth from Zurich - Switzerland
Elisabeth from Zurich – Switzerland

She is hopeful therefore that her well-worked portraits of strong beauties from all across the earth will inspire a paragon shift toward narrowing the inequality gaps.

To accord our women more Respect

Beauty in Black - Petra, Jordan
Woman in Black – Petra, Jordan

The symbols of societal strength deserve much more veneration than they are accorded. Noroc equally hopes that her project evokes the change in perception in the ‘stronger’ gender.

Noroc also, unsurprisingly, identifies more with the women

New York City Beauty
New York City Radiance

It’s no surprise The Atlas of Beauty Project focuses solely on women. She was focused on a single theme project and as such chose the gender she feels most at home with.

And their undying willpower amidst struggles

Disabled, not unable
Anai From Poland

Women have the bigger hearts of the two sexes. Their will to move on is absolutely unmatched.

Plus their dreams and aspirations

Warm-faced Guatemala Beauty
Warm-faced Guatemala Magnificence

And the silent intensity of their quiet beauty

Moldovan Splendor
Moldovan Splendor

Beauty all around us; in a smile, in a warm stare, in a story or simply in gestures. Let us all never forget to appreciate the beauty God blessed us with; of nature and of our strong family anchors – women.


Images Via Business Insider

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