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Everything You Need to Know About Cesenatico, Da Vinci’s Litte Venice

What do Italian genius Leonardo da Vinci, fishermen and sail boats have in common? Well, it’s the captivating port town of Cesenatico located at the Adriatic coast of Italy.



This seaside town with a rich history is sometimes referred to as Da Vinci’s Little Venice, and with good reason. It can really give the more jam-packed and hectic canal city a run for its money. Cesenatico has everything: photogenic views, mouth-watering food and fantastic activities you can enjoy while staying in this rising tourist destination.

Cesenatico Cesenatico

How This Place Came About

The harbor was initially dug in 1302, along with the building of a fortress meant to defend it. It was considered just as a small and unknown village until the 1500s, when the adjacent city of Cesena realized the economic potential of the harbor.


Cesenatico was planned for development, with no less than Leonardo Da Vinci being tapped to design the blueprint of the project. The Porto Canale or the Canal Harbor was supposed to cover nine miles inland towards Cesena, but the plan never materialized. Nevertheless, Da Vinci’s brainchild slowly emerged into the tourist attraction that it is today.


How To Get There

There are several buses going to Cesenatico from different parts of Italy. The canal town is also a two-hour train ride from Bologna, and routes run hourly. There are also ferry companies bringing tourists to Cesenatico. For those pressed for time and with money to spare, you can also fly from the Bologna airport to the Federico Fellini International Airport in Rimini.


What To Do There

You will never run out of things to do in Cesenatico. Start by getting yourself acquainted with the history of the place at the Maritime Museum, which features authentic old boats and fittingly has a floating section. After this, you should of course spend time cruising the canal on board traditional Adriatic “braggozi” boats. If you want to do something more physically challenging, there are several sand volleyball and tennis courts, as well as bicycles and cycling spots in the area available for use. When these all tire you down, make sure to get a taste of the freshest seafood from this town.


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