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Palais Namaskar, Morocco
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Feel Elegant and Exotic in The 10 Most Beautiful Hotels in Africa

To most people, Africa is all about exotic culture and wilderness. This continent usually evokes thoughts of tribes living away from civilization, or of wild animals running across dry grasslands. Africa is often perceived as being back-to-basics, away from the comforts of life.

There are, however, a lot of high-end hotels in Africa where you can stay to still get a taste of luxury in this beautiful continent. Here are some of them.

10. Graceland Hotel Casino and Country Club, South Africa

Just an hour away from the airport is this luxury hotel in South Africa, where every well-equipped room provides a breathtaking panorama of the lush greens surrounding the property. This world-class resort is also known for its well-landscaped golf course, with winding streams and dams which attract a variety of bird life.

9. Corinthia Hotel Khartoum, Sudan

Just one look at this hotel’s futuristic facade and you’ll already know that you’re getting something good. The hotel’s iconic oval shape gives guests a glimpse of its modern and chic aesthetic. The rooms are all equipped with top-of-the-line furniture and appliances for maximum comfort during your stay. It also has a chic indoor pool and a spa to help you relax once you’ve checked in.

8. The Table Bay Hotel, South Africa

For the ultimate five-star hotel experience in South Africa, check in at The Table Bay. The hotel has a chic contemporary Victorian design, accentuated by its blue roof. This hotel, inaugurated by former South African President Nelson Mandela himself, has sophisticated rooms with a great view of a nearby wharf.

7. Cascades Hotel, South Africa

This hotel looks like an Aztec temple hidden within a lush wonderland, with its unique eye-catching tiered design. From the inside, everywhere you look, you will see carefully landscaped gardens dotted by a series of sparkling pools. Truly, the stay here will make you feel you’re in the wilderness, while enjoying excellent amenities.

6. Hotel Riu Touareg, Cape Verde

This property is beautiful both inside and out. It has a vast, beautifully-landscaped outdoor area that looks like an oasis in the middle of the dessert. There are several swimming pools, a spa, a terrace and several native huts where you can just lounge around all day long. Inside, the rooms are elegant, with a touch of native materials.

5. Peermont D’Oreale Grande at Emperors Palace, South Africa

A regal experience — this is what this hotel in South Africa promises to give its guests. Its grand fountain and its Victorian facade are enough to show how the guests puts premium on lavish indulgence. The rooms are equipped with top-of-the-line experience, and the casinos give supreme comfort to those who want to push their luck.

4. Fairmont Nile City Hotel, Egypt

Where an ancient civilization once was now stands a symbol of elegance and luxury. This hotel right at the banks of the famed Nile River has rooms equipped with the most advanced design and technology, fit for the most meticulous travelers. Outside, you will be treated to sweeping panoramas of the Nile River, and views of the Pyramids from afar.

3. Palais Namaskar, Morocco

Looking for a place where you can spend days and nights in tranquility right at the heart of Marrakech? This is the hotel you should stay in. Palais Namaskar prides itself as an oasis of well being, surrounded by the desert and majestic mountains. The hotel, which is designed like a palace, has well-equipped villas and a spa to make sure you will experience maximum relaxation.

2. Movenpick Resort and Marine Spa Sousse, Tunisia

If you want to bring your whole family to a place that’s both elegant and exquisite, head to this resort in Tunisia. The long stretch of sparkling, cream-colored beach that is part of this resort is more than enough reason to choose this place as your next holiday destination. All amenities of this resort are family-oriented, including its delightful dining facilities and its extremely comfortable rooms.

1. Sun City Resort, South Africa

Occupying a vast area at the heart of Johannesburg, this resort feels like a lost city within a city. The hotel itself is imposing and palatial, with posh rooms fit for royalty. Outside, you will never run out of things to do, with a huge pool where you can do different water activities. The hotel is especially beautiful and elegant when the lights go on at night.

Africa is not just about safaris and wildlife. This exotic continent also has a lot of beautiful hotels where you can stay to feel the elegance and opulence this area has to offer.

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