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Dazzling Dozen — 12 Timeless Wonders Of Egypt

Egypt is one of the cradles of human civilization. It has one of the oldest histories among modern countries. A visit to Egypt is not only a trip of a lifetime, it is a journey to rediscover humankind in its earliest form. Dotted with innumerable timeless wonders, Egypt offers a fascinating and exotic trip to every ...
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The 25 Top rated Beaches in Europe

Queen Cleopatra of Egypt is believed to have stopped by at this bay. Simos Beach – Greece . Located at – and the most famous beach in – Elfonoisos, Simos Beach offers magnificent camping and surfing experiences. The Simonsare resort offers world-class hospitality and amazing views of the beach and sea line. Isola Favignana – Cala ...
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Visit These Amazing UK places in One Week

A travel van is waiting for my instructions as soon as I’m past the exit door. My first destination for the 3-day stay is definitely the British Museum for chance to view the Rosetta stone, the ancient Anglo-Saxon treasures, and remains of the ancient Egyptian Mummies. The over 90 UK galleries with well beyond eight millions of ...
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10 Stunning Underwater Wonders

See Cleopatra's ancient city at Heracleion, Egypt . Heracleion. There are many legends about Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. The drowned city of Heracleion is one of them. The city sank deep inside the sea almost 1500 years ago. The remains of this city were first discovered only in the year 2000. Before that, the city was thought ...
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Top 10 Incredibly Exciting Dive Sites

However, the whale sharks are mostly visible from the months of June to September.   Red Sea Diving, Egypt . Red Sea Diving. Red Sea is the most popular diving site in Egypt. It is scattered with shipwrecks, coral reefs and other such marine gems. There are also cute dolphins and huge coral reefs. The Red ...
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The 10 Largest Temples in the World

If you thought the pyramids and the Sphinx are the only attractions of Egypt, think again. Chances are you haven’t have heard of the Great Hypostyle Hall of Karnak. It is so impressive that, despite being in ruins, it still remains one of the most visited tourist spots of Egypt. Not only that, Karnak is the ...
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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Istanbul

The Turkish name of the market translates to "Egypt Bazaar," as it was built with revenues from an Ottoman colony in Egypt. Spice Bazaar, as the name suggests, is home to the spice shops of the city. However, with the passing of time, these are being replaced with shops selling various other products. Along with spices, ...
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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Madrid

The temple, dedicated to Goddess Isis, was originally located on the bank of the River Nile in Egypt. Due to the dangers of flooding for the newly constructed Aswan High Dam in 1960, several prehistoric monuments along the Nile had to be relocated. Spain extended a helping hand to Egypt and in return was gifted this ...