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Eleven Madison Park
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What a Three-hour Meal at Eleven Madison Park Feels Like

Eleven Madison Park has been receiving all the foodies’ attention from all over the world for all the right reasons. And the very latest – and the most important – feather on its full cap was being named the best restaurant  in the whole world.

This was most definitely part of Michelin-starred Chef Daniel Humm’s plans when he purchased the upscale brand from Danny Meyer in 2011. But even he didn’t expect it would be that big so fast.

The winner at the 2017 restaurants’ red-carpet night  in Melbourne, Australia earlier this year gathers its inspiration from French Green-market cuisines that not only amaze but also amuse.

We’ll attempt to explore to you what a 3-hour dinner at the elegant Eleven Madison Park feels like. The $295-per-person dinner is actually an 11-course tasting menu that promises to engage your taste buds completely.

Here are photos of food blogger Julian Fang’s dining experience at the Eleven Madison Park Restaurant in 2011. Things haven’t changed much since.

Location Update…

Eleven Madison Park Restaurant

Firstly we must show you where the leading bite place in Manhattan is located right? Right! It’s located between the 24th and 25th streets of the Madison Avenue. That’s down at the Flatiron neighborhood of Manhattan. You have that in your diary now? Okay, let’s roll!

Interior décor – First Impression

Eleven Madison Park interior decors

The ceilings-high creamy paintings with eccentric floral finishes make for the perfect dining room atmosphere. Furthermore, the woodworked interior furnishing is beautifully orange-colored with artistic sculpturing to finish the creative oeuvre. Impressive is the word!

Dress Code

dress code

The New York restaurant requests “proper attire,” but if that’s too vague for you, gentlemen are safe wearing a jacket in the dining room — most men do — and a dress shirt. Ladies’ best bet is business attire, a dress, skirt or nice slacks.

On to the food then

Sumptuous Cheese Gougères

We begin our 11-course foodie journey with these acorn-size cheese gougeres. The spicy bite is served warm and speckled gently with salt. The inviting appearance of the acorn-bites furthers the beautiful opening story.

A taste of the drink menu

Richly blended Arnot-Roberts syrah

The beverages menu is introduced to Fang and this to his utmost delight. The standout selection here is the exquisite Arnot-Roberts syrah from 2006. This will be a good taste show.

Then the starter snacks

Hors Doeuvres Snack Starters

Hors d’oeuvres arrived in this appetizing form and the tasting train was now getting really intense. These appetizers came elegantly in a narrow spotless white tray.

Eleven Madison Park Carrot marshmallows

Playful carrot Marshmallows

Deliciously prepared marshmallows then arrive with ice-cream toppings. The creamy cornflake crumb marshmallows are gently stuffed with heaping spoonful of simmered carrot mixture.

These crisp textures made out of the tuna are extremely sumptuous as well.

Tuna Tartare textures

Eleven Madison Park famous foie gras

Foie Gras

Loosely translating into ‘fatty liver’ from French, foie gras is made out of a duck’s or goose’s fattened liver. The juicy pudding by Eleven Madison Park is cured and seared smoothly then topped with asparagus gelee. This has been a notably renowned delicacy at the Eleven Madison Park.

Then there is also this simple-looking yet expensive pie is made out of morel mushrooms rested over egg flan.

Egg Pie

Eleven Madison Park Cornets

Crispy Cornet

The crunchy cornets add a little crispiness to the whole tasting menu.

To more beverages

Mint Julep

You could maybe request a refill, this time with the bourbon-made, ice-crushed, Fresh-mint Mint Julep. The glassful of richness also comes with elephant-ear mint leaf to complement your drink.

Then the Eleven Madison Park crunchy bread

Eleven Madison Park Bread

The bread combines crisp with juicy and crunchy. It is further enriched with amazing seasonings that give it a highly appetizing taste.

And the flaky rolls

Butter flakes

The rolls are richly supplemented with cow-milk or goat-milk butter. This a such gives a warm luscious dish that will definitely be part of your favorites in the course.

Sterling Royal Caviars

Sterling Royal Cavier

These are still meant to ready your appetites and they do it well The small Sterling Royal Caviars are settled on spheres of salmon cream.

And on to the three-ingredient course

Eleven Madison Park treats

Santa Barbara sea urchin, Custard and shellfish ragout defined this three-ingredient course. The ingredients are served at three different temperatures and come as vinegary, saline and overall a great combination. Mouthwatering at best when you scoop past the top surface.

Then there came the minty pea lollipop in a lavish-looking grass-filled glass.

Garden pea mint lollipop

Eleven Madison Park fresh asparagus

Eleven Madison Park fresh Asparagus

This is moreover enriched with jamon iberico and represents the local cuisines perfectly. The asparagus and jamon iderico are harvested fresh from the local farms and prepared gently for the valued customers.

Another course with foie gras, this time followed with tete de cochon.

Foie Gras Torchon with Tête de Cochon

This is sprinkled with vegetables and horseradish to melt your tongue with an artistically sound blending.

Next, smoked spring garlic and crayfish tenderly perched on soft and colorful Atlantic halibut.

Atlantic Halibut

The course only got better as Fang continued.

Poached Nova Scotia Lobster

Colorfully poached Nova Scotia lobster enriched with carrots, ginger and granola took the game a notch higher.

Seaweed and blue prawns from Hawaii were combined with the slow-cooked Poussin in the next course. This gave a unique combination of land and sea palates.

Eleven Madison Park Earth & Ocean

Mouthwatering Eleven Madison Park Colorado lamb

Herb Roasted Steak

The lamb on its own is a ravishingly rich taste of perfect young steak with an eye-catching essence. It is then further accompanied with lamb sausage, sweetbreads and ravioli. You simply can’t go amiss with this smooth combination.

Then the Muscovy duck arrived

Muscovy Duck

The delicious duck was enchantingly stuffed with lavender leaves and honey. The trick worked perfectly as the juicy brown piece lump activated all his taste buds.

The wholesome duck was carved with such artistry right in front of the awaiting foodie, to all his delight. It was then garnished with asparagus, ramps and strawberries.


Cheese time

Eleven Madison Park Cheeses

There was then the highly welcome cheese-break as the artisan-crafted cheeses came to the table how the diner wanted them.

The cheeses were further complemented with breadsticks. The raisin walnut breadsticks also ensured fresh agreement with the cheese variety.

Raisin Walnut Breadsticks

Eleven Madison Park knows how to dessert you

Soda Pop

Tangerine foam and liquid nitrogen signaled the beginning of the end. The popping dessert was as crunchy as it was flaky and this was such a welcome taste and sight. The pop rocks especially enhanced the popping with each bite of soda pop.

The milk and Chocolate Course

Eleven Madison Park Milk and Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate mousse and chocolate sorbet were mixed gently with browned solids from milk and other cocoa accords. This therefore gave for an especially delectable cookies and milk course.

Final course – Eleven Madison Park

Eleven Madison Park Final Course

They aim to finish it up with a bang and so they do. A sumptuous plate of maracons summarizes the taste experience. Additionally some accompanying add-ons include flavors like chocolate banana, peanut butter, coconut, Meyer lemon and grapefruit. Also drink an enchanting green tea with toasted sesame.

Eleven Madison Park Bonus

Eleven Madison Park Jelly Box

Don’t forget to carry along the parting gift; a box of creamy jellies waits for you at the tail end of it all.

You can check all Eleven Madison Park Menu HERE.



Images via Business insider

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