Israel Middle East

Israel – Top 10 Tourist Sites

Located in the Middle East, Israel is a haven for any traveler, especially if you are historically inclined. It is home to some of the holiest sites of the planet, attracting pilgrims and tourists from all corners of the globe. Here is our pick of the top tourists attractions that Israel has to offer.   10.
Middle East Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan – Land Of Many Wonders

Visiting Turkmenistan can be a bizarre and a unique experience. The country is famous for the Darwaza Gas Crater, which has been burning for 44 years now. On an average, 20,000 tourists visit the crater every year. This Central Asian country has several attractions ranging from historical sites to natural wonders. It has also gained prominence ...
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Jordan Middle East

10 Must-Visit Attractions In Jordan

The Dead Sea and the city of Petra are likely what come to mind when you think of Jordan. While these two are indeed the most popular attractions of Jordan, the country also has many others that deserve to be on your checklist. In this blog we will list 10 attractions that should surely feature in ...
Middle East Oman

Untouched Oman: 10 Reasons to Visit the Ascending Sultanate

It is well placed for your excursions into the Middle East and the eastern Mediterranean. From some of the most astonishing architecture to the fine sand dunes and the beautiful clear-water beaches, you will not lack a choice for favorite attractions in the oldest Arabic independent state. Furthermore, the country’s tourism ministry is planning to make ...
Iran Middle East

12 Stunning Attractions Of Iran

Iran is located in the Middle East and is one of the largest countries in that region. Known to the world as Persia until 1935, Iran was the largest and one of the most powerful civilizations for thousands of years. It was also one of the major centers of Islam during the Islamic Golden Age. In ...
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10 Must-See Attractions in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Historic architecture, pristine beaches, colorful markets, and a vibrant nightlife make it ideal for travelers of all ages and interests. Here is our list of 10 must-see attractions when visiting Turkey.   Swimming in Kekova Kekova is a small island located near the south western ...
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Middle East Oman

Oman – Top Attractions For A Great Vacation

The Bahla Fort is a sand-colored beauty and is certainly one of the most magnificent forts in the Middle East.   2. Mutrah Souk . Mutrah Souk. If you want to experience constant buzzing and activity of people, then head to Mutrah Souk. Along with a unique shopping experience, you will get to see an authentic ...