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Top 12 Mediterranean Cruises

Experience a vacation to Europe on board this amazing ship. The journey takes 10 days and you will get to see places like Barcelona and Athens.  As a guest, you can have dinner at the ship’s seafood shack and listen to numbers played by the house DJ. There are also water slides which take you down ...
Disneyland – Paris, France
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Top 12 Theme Parks of Europe

The park is smaller in size when compared to the other major theme parks in Europe. However, that doesn’t stop the park from being a very entertaining place. Spread over 15 acres, the park consists of more than 30 attractions and rides. It is also a very popular venue for live concerts during the summer months.
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10 Best Places to Tour in Germany

Popular for their engineering genius, Oktoberfest and World War II history, Germany also maintains Europe’s strongest economy. It is located in the West of Europe and boasts of some of the best scenery as well as historical heritage sites and upbeat festivity scenes. Here are the top places you should opt not to avoid while on a ...
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Top 10 Attractions That Ireland Has To Offer

The island of Ireland, home to the Republic of Ireland and to Northern Ireland, is one of the largest islands in Europe and blessed with several natural wonders and a rich cultural heritage that is well preserved through its historic architecture and monuments. The scenic beauty and mild, welcoming climate make it very popular with  visiting ...
Czech Republic
Czech Republic Europe

Must-Do List When Visiting The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Europe. The country is blessed with some well-preserved impressive medieval architecture that attracts people from all corners of the world. Although the city of Prague — or Praha — is the first thing that comes to find when we think of the Czech ...
The World's Biggest Tomato Fight At Tomatina Festival 2013...BUN
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8 Exciting Things To Do In Spain

It is considered one of the best ski resorts in Europe and one you should add to your Spain bucket list.   7. Stroll along the Las Ramblas . Las Ramblas. A stroll through the Las Ramblas boulevard is a great way to experience Barcelona and understand its culture better. This 1.2 kilometer promenade (otherwise known ...
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Best Beaches Europe

The 25 Top rated Beaches in Europe

From the beautifully spread white sands in Spain and Greece to divine topographical attractions in Italy and the UK, Europe is home to some of the best seaside attractions with the vast range of activities for vacationers. Ranking 25 of the best beaches of Europe was done using the quantity and quality of the ratings by the travelers ...
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Hidden Gems of Spain – Off the Beaten Track

Not only is there a Jewish synagogue, but also a Jewish bath house — one of the very few surviving bath houses from that period in the whole of Europe!.   4. Frigilina The town of Frigilina is located on the southern coastline of Spain, about 60 km east of Malaga, which means it has inviting ...
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Visit These Amazing UK places in One Week

Whether it is the rich centuries-old culture, the vibrant night life, the delicious cuisine or the artistry in London, the revitalization of Cardiff in Wales or even the inspirational and historic Edinburgh, you will never lack a reason to plan an itinerary through the three primary countries of the UK. How does an 8-day, $1400 exploratory tour ...