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Central and South America Peru

10 Great Destinations in Peru

The ruins of the Inca Empire that was founded in Peru make it well-known as the “Land of the Incas”. But Peru is not only famous for its rich history but also for its nature, from mountain to beach. Even the Amazon, the world’s biggest river, can be found there. Here are the 10 great destinations in ...
Kaieteur Falls
Central and South America Guyana

Guyana – Top 12 Popular Attractions

Guyana is located on the Caribbean coastline of South America. The country is popular for its rainforests, calypso music, and friendly people. It is a country of diversity. While it offers adventurous treks to scenic waterfalls, it also serves up the tranquil charm of picturesque wineries. The historically inclined will enjoy the visits to the colonial ...
Central and South America Nicaragua

Nicaragua – Nature Nirvana of Central America

The Republic of Nicaragua, or simply Nicaragua, is the largest country in Central America and one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the American continent. Once ravaged by political turmoil and corruption, Nicaragua has turned a new leaf – opening its doors to the world to allow tourists to experience the stunning natural beauty of ...