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Philippines – Top Attractions For A Family Vacation

The Philippines is a group of more than 7000 islands in South East Asia. It gets more than 5 million tourists each year. From an ancient city to an active volcano and from pristine beaches to colonial towns, Philippines has it all. Let us take a look at some of the top attractions that Philippines has ...
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Asia Indonesia

10 Places You Should Visit in Indonesia

If you don’t have much time for traveling, it’s better to choose to go to Lombok by plane rather than the ferry trip.   So, from 10 Indonesia's best places, which one is your favorite?   Image source: baliactivities, indoloka, wowborneo, kommwirmachendaseinfach, yampu, discoverykomodoadventure, ourglobaltrek, samanthasiahaan, tukangjalan, guide lombok ...
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Asia Japan

10 Interesting Places in Japan

Traveling to Japan is always a happy time. Japan is not an expensive place to travel. You can enjoy a budget trip in Japan, so money can’t be your reason why you aren’t traveling to Japan. If you can plan a trip well, enjoy a budget trip in Japan isn’t a dream. Maybe that’s one of ...
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10 Attractions Not To Be Missed When Visiting India

One of the best places to see the living bridges is from the town of Cherrapunji, the wettest place in Asia!.   Exploring the Blue City Jodhpur Located in the northwestern state of Rajasthan, the city of Jodhpur is one of the very popular tourist destinations in this part of India. Ancient forts, temples, castles, and ...
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Top 10 Things To Do In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not only a major financial and commercial hub of Asia, it is also a popular tourist destination of the region. Administratively an 'autonomous territory' of China, Hong Kong is an eclectic mix of traditional and modern lifestyle. Stunning skyscrapers and ancient Chinese temples hold equal importance in this vibrant city. On one hand it ...
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Asia China

China – The Land Of Hidden Wonders

China is the largest country in Asia and also the largest tourist magnet, welcoming over 56 million visitors every year. The country has a huge array of attractions, be it natural wonders or man-made spectacles. From the stunning rice fields along the Red River to the mammoth skyscrapers of Hong Kong, China can surprise you with ...
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Bangkok – The Most Visited City in the World

This small trading town of yesteryear has grown into a booming metropolis and a major cultural, financial, and entertainment hub of South East Asia. From ancient Buddhist temples to magnificent royal palaces, and from swanky shopping centers and parks to its pounding nightlife, the list of tourist attractions in Bangkok is almost endless. From backpackers and honeymooners ...