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Dazzling Dozen — 12 Timeless Wonders Of Egypt

Egypt is one of the cradles of human civilization. It has one of the oldest histories among modern countries. A visit to Egypt is not only a trip of a lifetime, it is a journey to rediscover humankind in its earliest form. Dotted with innumerable timeless wonders, Egypt offers a fascinating and exotic trip to every ...
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Top 10 Attractions & Activities – Morocco

Morocco, located on the north western tip of the African continent, is one of the most popular tourist attractions with a footfall of over 10 million visitors annually. The country has a vast array of attractions and activities to offer — from historic architecture to stunning beaches and from desert safaris to colorful markets. The welcoming ...
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African Safari Hopping

Africa is a paradise for safari and animal lovers. The parks and reserves in Africa are definitely part of their bucket lists. African safaris offer you many options for where and how to see the animals in the wild. A safari camp, a game driver, or even hot air balloon safari, it's up to you to choose.
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Top 10 Beaches in Africa

There are plenty of clubs, bars and discos.   Clifton Beaches, Cape Town, South Africa . Clifton Beach. The Clifton Beaches are a group of four beaches in Cape Town. All of them are considered to be ideal spots for sunbathing, relaxing and for water sports. You can simply sit down at the beach and gaze ...
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Feel Elegant and Exotic in The 10 Most Beautiful Hotels in Africa

To most people, Africa is all about exotic culture and wilderness. This continent usually evokes thoughts of tribes living away from civilization, or of wild animals running across dry grasslands. Africa is often perceived as being back-to-basics, away from the comforts of life. There are, however, a lot of high-end hotels in Africa where you can ...
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Top 10 Scenic Islands of Africa

When you think of Africa, the idea of beaches or islands doesn’t really come to mind. You are more likely to think of jungles, lions, elephants and the like. But Africa is not limited to its wildlife or jungles only. It is also home to numerous beautiful, preserved beaches. Some have a rich history while some ...
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Top 10 Spectacular Family Vacations in Africa

Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak, with a height of 5895 meters.   Watch the Abu Simbel Festival in Egypt . Abu Simbel Festival. The Abu Simbel Festival is one of the longest festivals in the world. It starts from 22nd February and goes on till 22nd October! Crowds come in from different parts of the world to ...