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Top 10 Scenic Islands of Africa

When you think of Africa, the idea of beaches or islands doesn’t really come to mind. You are more likely to think of jungles, lions, elephants and the like. But Africa is not limited to its wildlife or jungles only. It is also home to numerous beautiful, preserved beaches. Some have a rich history while some ...
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Top 10 Spectacular Family Vacations in Africa

Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak, with a height of 5895 meters.   Watch the Abu Simbel Festival in Egypt . Abu Simbel Festival. The Abu Simbel Festival is one of the longest festivals in the world. It starts from 22nd February and goes on till 22nd October! Crowds come in from different parts of the world to ...
The Blyde River Canyon
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Top 10 Natural Wonders in Africa Worth Exploring

Have you ever visited Africa? This continent is famous for its natural wonders, animals, and plants. That's why Africa is one of the favorite places for nature lovers. Due to its diversity and breadth of the area, it takes time to explore it all. To help you explore Africa, here are the top ten natural wonders ...
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Mauritius – Top 12 Picturesque Locations

It is located 2400 km off the southeastern coast of Africa. Mauritius is a top-rated destination for luxury tourism and is known for its stunning beaches and several nature attractions. The island which rose to the surface due to volcanic eruptions now rests on a dormant volcanic plateau – there have not been any eruption in ...
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12 Reasons Why You Must Visit Tunisia

Tunisia is the northernmost country of the African continent. It is also the smallest of the northern African countries, sandwiched between Morocco and Algeria. Tunisia is renowned as a beach destination for its soft sandy Mediterranean beaches. However, there is more to Tunisia than the beaches — ancient archaeological sites, stunning desert scenery, and magnificent Islamic ...
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Top Diving Sites Of Africa

Cape Town, South Africa . Great White Shark - Cape Town. Cape Town is your best chance at facing off with a shark. But beware. Diving with sharks all around you is not meant for everybody. Shark cage diving is very popular at Cape Town. As you stay inside the cage with your diving gear, the ...
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Thornybush Nature Reserve – Just You and the Animals

The big five of the African savannah – lion, rhino, leopard, elephant, and Cape buffalo – can be seen here. The reserve takes no more than two vehicles for a sighting. It makes for a more personal and peaceful sighting. Over here, you can get down from the jeep and walk with the rangers who will ...
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Kenya — 12 Incredible Tourist Attractions

This east African nation has made its way into the hearts of travelers, especially nature and wildlife lovers, for being one of the premier tourist destinations in the world. It has some of the most well-known safari parks where you can come up close and personal with some of the famed African fauna. There is no ...